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Friday, 04 November 2011

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ivice1Cigars, wine and beer - all essentials for living a life of easy luxury. Now, thanks to iVice’s new selection of apps, a life of imbibing and indulgence is more accessible than ever, with the key to the good life just a mouse click away... The iVice applications are a selection of apps designed to make it easy for everyone to live the good life. Based around a list of luxury consumable items, the apps promise to help people discover more about their favourite indulgent habits. While we’re still waiting for the full range to be launched, the iVice cigar app is officially here. It is (quite rightly) the first in the range of vice-fuelling applications to be unleashed on the public,and is packed full of price reviews, comparison features and good old cigar advice for everyone from younger Puffer Fish to full grown spike-filled smokers.

The iVice Cigar Application: Overview

The iVice Cigar application is like a personal cigar advisor. Using the app, you can search for your favourite cigars and purchase them through your phone, with iVice garaunteeing extremely competitive prices. So, if you’ve got a big event coming up and you want some special stogies ready for the occasion, all you have to do is tap on the picture you want, and those delicious cigars will be on their way straight to your door.

The app also matches your personal tastes and preferences to a catalogue of over 10,000 products, provided by a grand total of 2,200 brands. It can use the information you give it about your most-smoked stogies in order to give you personal reccommendations about the products on the market. The app also conducts detailed searches through the masses of stogies, monitors prices so you can catch a bargain, and to top it off, it’ll bring you all the latest cigar news too!

iVice says their app is “more than a reference guide, it’s your own personal guide through the complex world of quality cigars. Whether you’re an expert or newbie, you’ll love discovering new cigars and sharing your experience with friends.”

It’s also pretty useful when you’re out and about shopping for stogies, as it provides a handy reference tool for you to compare prices, brands and flavours.

The iVice Cigar App Highlights

1. Personalised Recommendations - you can tell iVice the characteristics, flavours and brands of the stogies you love so it can match you up with a range of cigars to meet both your taste profile, and your budget - always handy!


2. Drill-down search - The iVice app packs a super-specific search mechanism through which you can search for specific brands, products, or even ingrediants. So, if you wanted to know which cigars only use Brazilian Maduro, the search can work it out for you - just type your specifications into the app and Bob’s Your Uncle!

3. Facts, facts, facts - The app harvests some super smart technology to help it search the web for the latest information on more than 10,000 products. And that’s only when it gets desperate, as the app is absolutely rammed with information it won’t need to search anywhere else for. This exclusive info includes things like the country and region the wrapper materials were grown in, the leaf selection in your favourite stogies, and the fermentation treatment used to prepare the tobacco.

4. Cracking Visuals - The app can help you get a quick take on product ratings and attributes using it’s fantastic in-built visuals. these include the funky flavour wheel and ratings charts so you can easily process all that top-notch info!



0 # RE: Downloading the Good Lifepriorwomanmarine 2011-11-04 07:29
Being that I am not to app smart. I tried to find it to download on my Android x and can't find the app. Help.

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0 # Re: Downloading the Good LifeJen - Puff Lifestyle 2011-11-09 10:03
Hello! It's on iTunes - that's probably the best way to download it! Good luck! xx

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0 # RE: Downloading the Good Lifeslcpunk 2011-11-07 13:43
I couldn't find it on Android either. It must only be for the iphone. :sad:

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