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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

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Beyond the conversation starting aspect, another good reason to keep the cigar band on is that taking it off could result in disaster.  In, short, you could actually tear the wrapper in the process before you even light the cigar.  This could cause unraveling and a messy cigar smoking experience.

What a lot of smokers seem to do is leave the cigar band on in the beginning.  Once the cigar gets hot, the glue that holds the band together will eventually begin to melt.  Once the burn line starts to get close to the band, you can then remove it rather easily to keep enjoying the cigar.  If the band is a particularly attractive one, you may even want to keep it as a souvenir.

What do I do if my cigar starts to burn unevenly?

An uneven burn is never good news, but it can be fixed.  Let’s say you are smoking and you see that the cigar is burning fast down one side and is relatively unchanged on the other.  When this happens, put the cigar down in the ashtray.  Let it sit there until it flames out.  Then knock off any excess ash.  Next, take your lighter or match and burn the lopsided section until the cigar gets to a point where it looks even.  Then continue to smoke it and hopefully it will remain in a neater state.

What do I do if my cigar wrapper starts to unravel and come apart?

If a cigar wrapper starts to unravel, it could be due to the fact that you clipped it to closely prior to lighting.  In the event that this happens, try to use your saliva as somewhat of a glue.  Touch the unraveled part of the wrapper with your tongue so that it gets moist.  Then try to tape the wrapper back to the cigar in its original form.  You should be good to go, although you may have to repeat this process a few more times if the cigar is rather unruly.

Your cigar wrapper could also become split.  This usually is the end result of a cigar that was not stored in proper humidity and has dried out.  Not good.  If you want to stick it out instead of tossing it into the trash, try to “clean up” the cigar by removing the flailing parts of the wrapper.  It certainly won’t win a beauty contest after you are done, but you should be able to smoke it.  Try to be as neat as possible when performing these cigar “surgeries” on the fly, especially if you are in public.  Don’t make a huge mess throwing ash everywhere and spitting wrapper leaf out of your mouth like a machine gun.

But don't stop reading here because there is more you need to know so you don't offend someone by accident.

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