Food, Drink, and Smokes Make the Good Life
Written by Kevin Godbee

Wednesday, 01 July 2009

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Now dinner and after dinner are a different ballgame. Again, it depends on what you’re eating. A grilled steak calls for a hearty red vino and a cigar with some flavor like a Fuente Don Carlos or a Punch Grand Cru Number Two. Ribs or chops could call for some sweet sangria, a cold cervesa, and a gar that stands up to the sauce and spices like CAO Brazillia or a tasty Cameroon wrap of some kind. Now there’s always shrimp and lobster tails which makes for some interesting choices. Since white wine is not in my repertoire, a lighter red works for me, I also like ice cold vodka with sea food, and again, a mid-range gar is good, not to overpower your meal.



I don’t know about you, but I am friggin’ starving right now and just about to eat my shoe. But I haven’t really talked about ethnic food. Starting with Italian, it’s always a dry red or a beer like a Peroni. Again with red sauce, pasta, meatballs, sausage (stop me please, somebody stop me) you want a cigar that cuts through the food and lets you taste it. I love Portuguese, Brazilian, Cuban, and meat and bold seafoods are the chosen fare. Sangria rocks with Hispanic food, including Mexican and your cigar during or after had better be bold. You don’t think of cigars too much when you think Japanese or Chinese, but a nice Camacho Corojo would work so well after any of those choices!


Okay, I can’t talk about ethnic foods any longer because I am losing my mind. But I will talk about wrapping up with a great after dinner drink and smoke. A stronger scotch or bourbon can surely hit the spot after a long day’s work. I usually tend to lean towards a sweet and flavorful maduro for my dessert. There are too many brands to name, so pick  your fave. Some people like ice wines and such, but give me a good aged port any day – Fonseca, Taylor, Cockburn, Presidential, the list goes on and on. I actually love a bold and flavorful coffee with my port and maduro – and if you add some dark chocolate and strawberries, you will be set for an evening to remember.


I’m going to stop now because this really isn’t very fair to any of us. Eating, drinking, and smoking fine cigars is a pleasure everyone should enjoy, but tonight, I’ll have it all to myself if you don’t mind.







0 # Inspiring!Cristofer 2009-07-09 07:12
I'm pretty new to the world of cigars but I'm learning more with every conversation, every experience and every read! Good food has been my passion for years, then not too long ago I introduced the drinks to my meals and after-dinner experiences. Now, after a small party recently I was introduced to cigars! My first cigar was one a friend handed out that he picked up while in Honduras. I can't remember at all the details of this particular smoke but as we relaxed outside with a small group of great friends we had a great relaxing smoke.

Your passion for all three of these great things inspires me. I know only a few people who smoke cigars, one I would consider quite the aficionado of whom I hope to enjoy a smoke with one day. Meanwhile though, I will continue this wonderful learning experience and hope to reach the same knowledge and enjoyment you have!

The Novice Smoker,


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