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Friday, 22 May 2009

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Last month I wrote an article that spoke about things that made cigars better.  In last month’s case we spoke about music, specifically the Buena Vista Social Club.  It got me to thinking; cigars have turned me on too many new experiences.  One which I’ve really grown to enjoy is single malt scotch.  A Single Malt Scotch Whisky is the product of one specific distillery and has not been mixed with whisky from any other distilleries.  Instead of going into a tutorial on a single malt scotch, I figured I would share some information about a brand that has really captured my taste buds.

The Glenroths is a Speyside Malt Whiskey from Scotland.  A brief explanation of the main three types of scotch whisky is as follows:

Speyside Region: more than half of all distilleries are located in the Speyside region of Scotland.  There is a very broad variety of these catches from this region.

Highlands Region: The Highlands cover a much larger area then Speyside, but don’t have nearly as many distilleries.

Lowlands Region: The Lowlands region is in the South of Scotland.  This is the region that is actually closest to England.

Islay Region: The Islay region is actually an island, and noted for very peaty flavored whiskeys.

You can go into much more depth, and break out the regions into sub regions, but this should cover the basics.  Single malt scotch purists may get a little excited with how things were summarized above, but hopefully they’ll cut me some slack.

Back to the Glenroths.  The Glenroths distillery opened in December of 1879, and soon became a popular and sought after malt whisky.  In fact it was so sought after that a company called Berry Brothers & Rudd Ltd., decided to make a premium blended whiskey with Glenroths whiskeys that representing the best of the best.  They called this whiskey Cutty Sark, and to this day much of the Glenroths production is still used in the creation of Cutty Sark blended whiskey.

The best of the best from Glenroths still gets bottled as single malt scotches, aged, and released in vintages.  This makes them extremely fun to collect, share, and sample with friends.  Obviously this draws a lot of similarities to collecting cigars, sharing vintages, and enjoying them with friends.  But the two go together and they complement each other as only a perfect symbiotic relationship should.

Glenroths only bottles when ready.  Ready to the folks at Glenroths is based on maturity and flavor perfection.  All the individual tasks of Glenroths are checked over and over throughout the years to verify when the peak is reached.  Once perfection is reached, it is bottled, and the vintage is labeled.

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