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Friday, 30 March 2012

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grillleadSpring is officially here, which means warmer weather and more outdoor activities. It’s the perfect time to have a cookout, so if your grilling skills are rusty (or nonexistent), now’s the time to hone them, so you’ll look like a pro at those Memorial Day and Fourth of July cookouts!

There’s just something manly about cooking over a grill. Even macho guys who only venture into the kitchen long enough to get a cold beer love to show off their mastery at a grill in the backyard. There’s something primal about cooking meat over an open flame, maybe the image of cavemen searing whatever animals they managed to club over an open fire, or cowboys gathering around the campfire.

Just because grilling is such a guy thing doesn't mean all men are born knowing how to do it well, so that the results are delicious and you don’t set the house on fire.  We’ll have more tips and safety hints later, but there’s one thing you have to do first.

The first step to becoming a master of the grill is buying one. A trip to your local home improvement store will introduce you to a wide array of grills in varying price ranges. At the low end, there are 14” tabletop charcoal grills for under $20 and larger ones for under $50. These are great for the single person or small family with limited outdoor space, since they can fit on the patio or balcony of a city apartment. Prices for charcoal grills go up to $1,299 for the Weber Ranch Kettle, which would look classy in any backyard.

Gas grills have grown more popular over the last few years, but they’re pricier than the ones powered by charcoal. Home Depot’s line of gas grills starts with a Broil-mate two-burner gas grill and goes up to $4,999 for the Bull Outdoor Products Aspen Q II, a grilling and entertaining center that seats four adults and includes a four burner 75,000 BTU grill.

So should you choose charcoal or gas? While many outdoor cooks like the convenience and easy cleanup of gas grills, some purists say the food just doesn't taste as good as when it’s cooked over charcoal. Using a charcoal grill also allows you to vary the taste of your recipes with exotic woods.

While you’re at the store buying your grill, don’t forget to pick up the accessories you’ll need to use and clean the grill, like propane (for gas grills), wood chips (for charcoal), protective mitts, forks, tongs, a spatula and metal skewers.




Whichever grill you choose, be sure to put it together carefully, so it won’t tip over and spill burning briquettes and food over you or your guests. Also read the instructions for starting a fire with your grill, since methods vary.

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