Growing a Cigar Business
Written by Kevin Godbee

Friday, 04 December 2009

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While others thought that Moonshine was going to be a strange ingredient in a cigar Allen already knew what it would be like thanks to the spray bottle and it’s undoubtedly going to be the same with some of the new blends Allen is working on.

The Kentucky Proud is just about guaranteed to be a success thanks to Allen’s taste test and connoisseurs are in for a treat when it hits the market. This new cigar will be packaged with a special release Conjure cognac in a specially designed gift box that will include everything you could hope for. Not only will you get the cigars but the package will also include a bottle of the special cognac, shot glasses and a cigar cutter as well.


With the success that Allen and his company are experiencing right now you could be forgiven for thinking that this is a long-established cigar company working out of quite a large factory but it’s not like that at all. Allen started the company just five years ago and, as I said earlier, it operates out of a small converted barn and that barn has a production area that’s no bigger than a large living room.

Out of that facility Kentucky Gentlemen Cigars produces around 7,000 cigars a month and it’s planned to boost that production to 12,000 within 12 months. Allen dreams of increasing that production level to something close to a million cigars a month in the future … and no one is laughing for this man has the drive to make it happen.

Allen Mobley wasn’t always interested in cigars. Now aged 63 Allen has worked as a contractor in Florida, a bar owner in Las Vegas and a contractor in California. When he decided that it was time to head back to the place of his birth Allen was originally going to grow grapes and start his own wine label but fortunately for us he changed his mind and went into cigar making instead.

It’s obvious when you see Allen and his spray bottle that blending is important but so too is the tobacco that goes into the cigars. Originally Allen tried to import the seeds direct from Cuba but the embargo prevented him from doing that and twice Allen was stopped by customs at the border and relieved of the tobacco seeds he was carrying. 


0 # Great storyRon1369 2010-01-10 05:06
It is great to see a story like this about someone that isn't about to quit even with obstacles put in front of him. I for one look forward to smoking one of these home grown cigars and may even take a trip down to see the ole boy and buy them from him in person. It sounds to me like the man would be a good person to sit and chat with for a while and more than not smoke a hand rolled cigar with him.

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