Holiday Cigars and a Year of Celebration Smokes
Written by Kevin Godbee

Friday, 03 July 2009

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Now Unless your lady is a lover of the leaf, Valentine’s Day won’t work. In fact, remaining smoke free for 24 hours is generally the prerequisite. Damn chicks. President’s Day?...well I’m sure both George and Abe had a stoge or two, so, what the hell. St. Patrick’s Day? Fuggin A! Easter? Not thought of as much of a cigar day, but again, the real question to ask is: Why not?


Okay, we’re fast-forwarding to Memorial Day. While we honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice, we also honor them by celebrating our great American heritage. Memorial Day always means the end to the dreary winter for most and the coming of summer! Barbecues are a blazing as the burgers, dogs, and chicken hit the searing grill top while we enjoy a nice cold one – or ten. And it’s definitely a day of full-on cigarage for guys like me! Start early and end late with a wide variety of easy smoking Connecticut wrapped, to a hearty Habanos, and everything in between.

Skip to July 4th and you can’t even remotely tell me a better day or way to enjoy great cigar. Block parties, pool parties, parades, fireworks…dayum! Americans love an excuse to celebrate and this is the ultimate excuse for one and all! It may be hot, so find a nice shady place to light up your favorite stogie with your fellow Brothers of the Leaf. Then do like me, sit there all day with food and drinks and only really get up to take a leak. I[m like a kid when it comes to fireworks, so I find a good local town show, spread out the blanket, and partake in a fine smoke one more time for the day.


Okay, Independence Day has passed and the summer winds down. The kiddies are school bound but we let the tobacco burn once again on Labor Day. The day that celebrates the American worker is one for doing absolutely nothing – well nothing but maybe charring up a carcass on the Weber, hanging with the neighbors, and, oh yes, more cigars.


Halloween? Well, it’s not a real a true holiday, but I love to sit on the porch and chase the kiddies away with the stench of my stogie. Unfortunately it chases the hot mommies away, too. Such is the plague for us BOTL’s.


All right, we come to Thanksgiving and the perfect way to end any feast is to light a cigar with members of the family. In the old days, the men lit their cigars after the meal in the dining room while the females of the species washed and cleaned. Those were the days for sure and YES, I am one hell of a male pig. Come on, I don’t want to clean. My belly is loaded with fourteen different food types and enough wine and beer to take down the Russian army. I’m a man, damn it, and I want to sit on my lazy ass and find out that the house has been magically cleaned, probably by the same magical fairies that put fresh underwear in my drawer once a week. Thanksgiving is America’s favorite holiday and opens the door for one more…


While Christmas is a nice time for gathering, the pressure of giving becomes a huge pain in the culo as you get older. Let’s please just save our money for food and cigars. Other than an occasional roll in the sack when the Mrs. has too much wine, what the hell else does a man need other than food and cigars? Okay, bah humbug and all that crap, but if I could wake up and tear wrapping paper to expose box after box of seco, olor and ligero, my Christmas holiday would be most complete. I mean, who’s wouldn’t?

Hey, we’re back to square on at New Year’s Eve! I’m ready start smoking all over again, aren’t you?

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