How Cigars Are Made
Written by Kevin Godbee

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

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The finished product then goes through a check for quality and placed in bundles of 50 in a conditioning room where they are allowed to rest for a few weeks. In reality the resting period can last for a whole lot longer than just three weeks and as long as the right temperature is maintained then a cigar can be allowed to rest for decades.


There are not many cigars that are allowed to rest for that period of time though for the demand for cigars is very strong and even hand-rolled cigars are only rested for a very short period before they’re taken out and go through the next process.

The color of the finished cigar is important and once the resting period is over the cigars are graded according to color, banded, boxed and shipped out the door to be sent to the markets in Europe, America and wherever fine cigars are appreciated.

Machine-made Cigars

There are certainly no virgins here and the rugged male experts who produce those beautiful hand-rolled cigars would rather die than be seen in a cigar-making factory but those factories certainly do exist. In fact there are factories all over the world turning many thousands of cigars every year.

While the handmade cigars are filled with between two and four full leaves the machine-made cigars only used chopped up tobacco leaves for the filler. In some ways I guess you could compare the difference between a handmade cigar and a machine-made cigar as the difference between a prime cut of steak and the meat that goes into a hamburger. You certainly wouldn’t turn the best steak into mince and you wouldn’t turn the best tobacco leaves into the chopped up tobacco that goes into a machine-made cigars.

Even the tobacco that’s used for the wrappers of machine-made cigars is a whole lot different to the wrappers you will find on a handmade cigar. The wrappers for machine-made cigars are a lot thinner and may not even be recognizable as tobacco leaf at all. Some manufacturers pulp tobacco and turn it into something close to paper and use that to wrap their cigars.

This unusual concoction has a totally different burn rate to what a handmade cigar has and it’s no wonder that handmade cigars are so much in demand. If I wanted to smoke paper I’d smoke cigarettes instead of the best cigars I can find.

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