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Monday, 25 July 2005

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This week's article: Once you have found the woman of your dreams, the next thing you will want to learn is how to drive her crazy with desire. Of course, you already know that women think differently about sex then men do. So, keeping her interest and turning her on may have you lost as well. You needn't be lost though, since there are some very basic principals of seduction: capturing her heart, mind, body and soul. This is known as the fine art of seduction...

Dating & Relationship AdviceMost guys think that seduction is something sleazy. A lot of other guys think that it is some kind of ritual that you must go through before a girl will let you have sex with her. This is not the case however! In fact, the type of seduction we are talking about in this article is quite different. This seduction is a type of game that two people play, teasing one another into sexual arousal.

Now, the first thing that you need to understand about women is that they are controlled by their emotions. On the other hand, men are controlled by visual effects. So, you need to learn how to speak to your girlfriend's emotions in the manner in which she wants you to do so. Once you have learned this, she will be yours forevermore. 

The next time you walk by a magazine rack, take a moment to look at some of the articles that are on the front of the women's magazines. You will see titles that include words such as "seduction," "passion," "romance," "love," and "chemistry." You will see topics such as "Spice Up Your Sex Life," and "Learn To Please Your Man." By reading such articles, women have learned to become seductresses, knowing how to turn on both men as well as other women. It is because they are constantly reading articles like this. It is time that men also begin reading about what turns women on. It is time for men to learn how to tap into a woman's basic instincts and touch her emotions in such a way as to create feelings of love and passion.

Whenever you are speaking to a woman, your goal should be to make her feel what you want her to feel. Regardless as to what it is that you want, you want to take control and have her do what you want her to do. You also want her to feel happy while she is doing it. 

You want your woman to crave your touch and the sound of your voice. You want her to think about you all day long, and all night too. All day long, you want her to anticipate being with you at night while ignoring all other men. If you truly desire these things of your woman, then you are going to have to learn to speak to her emotions. You will need to take her imagination on a pleasurable journey. So, how do you do this? You do it by talking about things that touch her emotions, things that stimulate her mind. You do it by acting in such a manner that touches her emotions and stimulates her mind. You do it by aligning your body language and voice to improve your charisma and seductive charm. 

Having said this, let me now dispel the three myths that may be keeping you from living in such a manner that you can have any girl you want . . . 

Myth #1

Have you ever seen a beautiful woman with a guy that you might consider an "ugly duckling?" Doesn't this make you curious as to why this woman is with him? While it is true that looks can get you far, you also need to know how to act and what to say. After all, women are much more attracted to how a man makes her feel, not by how he looks. 

Myth #2

While women may have lots of fun if you have loads of money, but in reality they are just having fun at your expense. You may end up spending a fortune taking your girlfriend to restaurants and buying her expensive gifts, you are still playing the lottery where all decks are stacked against you. So, take the focus off of your hard earned money and focus instead upon yourself, thus making her feelings be about you and not about the money that you have spent on her.

Myth #3

The worst advice that anyone can give you is to "just be yourself." After all, where has that gotten you up to this point in your life? You had to learn how to do your job well. You had to learn how to drive a car right. You had to learn how to read and write properly. Now you are going to have to learn how to train your mind to be successful with women.

So, once you have found the woman of your dreams, start learning how to drive her crazy with desire. Start learning how to keep her interest and turning her on. Start learning how to capture her heart, mind, body and soul. Start learning how to seduce her. Once you have learned these things, you're woman may never leave you.

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