How to Pick Your Pipe
Written by James Payne

Wednesday, 03 February 2010

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Anatomy of A Pipe

Now that we have discussed the different types of pipes, let’s speak about the actual anatomy of a pipe.

Pipes are made up of five individual parts. In alphabetical order they are the: Bowl, Filter, Lip, Shank, and Stem. In addition to these five parts, you will also need to know the terms: Bit and Chamber.

The Bowl

An essential part of the pipe, the bowl is where you place your tobacco. It is the round part of the pipe, shaped like a pot (or bowl, hence the name).  Bowls come in many shapes and sizes (which we will get into in another article), and can be made in a number of ways and from a variety of materials.

The Filter

You can find the filter attached to the stem and its function is to allow smoke through its passageway, and to “filter out” tobacco particles.

The Lip

Also known as the mouthpiece or bit, this part of the lip is the business end. You insert it in your mouth and it is from here that you draw the smoke.

The Shank

Connecting the bowl and stem, the shank is a hollowed out tube. It behaves in part like the filter, in that tobacco particles tend to collect inside it as the smoke travels through it to the stem (from there it travels, you guessed it, through the filter and to the lip).

The Stem

This part of the pipe connects itself to the shank via a part called the tenon.


Now that we know the different types of pipes, materials they are made from, and their actual anatomy, it will free us up to understand the large variety of shapes that pipes come in. Tune in for the next article in this series, designed to help you decide which pipe is right for you!


0 # Pipe Selection Tobaccos, et alJohn Dougherty 2011-06-21 14:28
Dear friends of the leaf,

Pipe smoking has been my passion as long as my love of cigars since 1973.
Back in that day, it was easy to switch between cigars and pipes with the change of the seasons. I had the benefit of a close college friend whose father was a pipe and cigar dealer in the Midwest. My friend, let's call him Larry, taught me the basics of cigars and pipes.
At his elbow, I learned the difference between aromatics and "
English mixtures", the fundamentals of pipe smoking.
You can learn quickly which mixtures ore the best for your precious tongue and bowl and that which pleases the unenlightened. Please feel free to contact me with questions.

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