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Wednesday, 05 June 2013

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Method 1

Grab a plastic bag or a Tupperware container – something with a seal.  Place the dry cigars in the bag or container with a hygrometer for a few hours.  Once finished, read the hygrometer to get your bearings.  Drop a teaspoon of distilled water on a small sponge and place it in the container with the hygrometer and cigars.

Check the hygrometer reading periodically.  Your goal is a 70% reading.  Add another teaspoon of distilled water to the sponge every 24 hours.  Once you reach the 70% goal, maintain a 65-70% level for approximately two weeks.  You’ll need to continue adding the distilled water to the sponge and give the cigars 1/4 turn every few days.  You should find your cigars to be much improved after several weeks of this process.

Method 2

Place your dry cigars in a humidor that is NOT fully charged.  Let them sit for about a week.  Once the week is over, you can then charge the humidor fully.  It’s very important to never put dry cigars in a fully charged humidor, as they will get ruined.

Method 3

If you are more of the hands-off type person, try taking your dry cigars to your local cigar shop.  Many will provide this service with the correct level of professional know-how to get your dry cigars somewhat back to normal.

Now, it’s worth noting that even once revived, some of your formerly dry cigars could lose some of their flavor or original quality, but at least you can get some mileage out of them, right?

How to repair damp cigars

Damp cigars are on the completely opposite end of the spectrum when compared to the dry cigars we just described.  If you have ever grabbed for a cigar and noticed that it feels like a wet sponge or is very soft, your humidity is too high, and it’s time to dry that cigar out.

To dry out cigars, you need to remove the source that’s creating the dampness, which is usually your humidifier.  Leave your humidor open for a couple days and check up on the cigars to see that they become more firm.

As for a reason why your cigars may be damp in the first place, you could suffer from a hygrometer that offers false readings.  You need to calibrate it to ensure that its readings are true so you can avoid problems like this in the future.  If you don’t have a hygrometer in the first place, purchase one, as it will save you money in the long run.

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