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Thursday, 12 February 2009

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Now it's time to follow the manufacturer's instructions and prepare the humidity device that came with the humidor and fit it. Once that's done leave the sponge you used to dampen the inside of the humidor inside the box and close the lid ... and keep it closed for the next 24 hours.

At the end of that time take the sponge out of the box ... again use it to dampen the inside of the box with distilled water and then close the box up for another 24 hours ... but don't leave the sponge inside it this time.

When the second 24 hour period has elapsed open the box and if the wood inside does not feel damp then your right to start filling it with cigars. If the wood does feel damp then leave it closed for another 24 hours to let that dampness dry out.

Occasionally it may be necessary to re-charge the humidity device that's fitted to your humidor. Be guided by the manufacturer's instructions and by the look and feel of the cigars in the box. If your cigars begin to feel less than firm that's a sign that the environment is too humid so you may have to let some of that humid air escape.

Cigars covered in a white mold are another sign that the environment in your humidor is too humid. If you check your humidor every few days you will spot the mould in its early stages and that's when you can simply wipe the mould off each cigar without causing any damage.


The Plastic Bag
In the previous chapter I mentioned that it was quite possible ... and a very much cheaper option ... to keep your cigars in an airtight plastic bag or even a Tupperware box. If you choose that storage option you will then have make your own humidifier. It's not difficult and it's certainly not expensive.

The main item you will need is a piece of florist's foam and you will find that most craft stores stock this foam. It's easily worked with a kitchen knife but if you want to maintain the peace around your home then I'd suggest that you use a craft knife. It doesn't have to be anything fancy and you should be able to pick one up for a couple of bucks at a craft or hardware store.

Cut a small piece of this foam, dampen it and place it in a small open-topped plastic bag. Then place this small bag inside the bigger bag that you're going to use to store the cigars and you're on your way to developing the environment that Cigar Goldilocks will love.

Now if all that sounds a bit too much like hard work just remember that it's how you care for your cigars and how fresh they are when it's time to smoke them that separate the true cigar connoisseur from everyone else.

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