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Sunday, 22 September 2013

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Shipping CigarsIf you’ve been posting to cigar forums like ours here at, you’ve probably had occasion to swap cigars with a pal who has some smokes you’d like to try. Getting that box of fresh sticks in the mail is always fun, but the other side is that you have to reciprocate by sending your friend a box of your own cigars.





Putting together a package is always a pain, but there are several factors you have to consider when shipping cigars. You can’t just toss them into a Priority Mail envelope and expect them to arrive in pristine condition. Cigars must be packed and shipped in a manner that will assure that they arrive at their destination fresh and undamaged.

This takes some doing, so here are a few of the things you need to know before shipping cigars. Doing things the right way the first time can save time and energy as well as making sure you don’t ruin any of your precious premium cigars!

The Cigars

Inspect all cigars you are planning to ship for damage. Send only cigars in perfect condition. You don’t want your friends to send you their stale leftovers, do you?


Shipping Cigars

The Box

If you’ve saved the boxes from your past cigar orders, those should be fine, since they’re sturdy and designed to accommodate the smokes comfortably. For a small quantity of cigars, like five or 10, the VHS boxes (box #1096) from your local post office are good. These are good for Priority shipping only and can be ordered online at The post office has Priority Mail boxes in a variety of sizes and shapes, so check out the selection and see what works for you. Do not use a flimsy box that is likely to be crushed in transit. You want the box to be small enough so that the cigars don’t roll around inside but large enough to accommodate the padding necessary to prevent damage.

The Bags

Those quart-size Ziploc baggies from the kitchen are OK in a pinch, but if you’re going to make a habit of shipping cigars, you really need to pick up the ones made specially for this purpose that have individual compartments. These compartments keep the cigars separate from one another and prevent them from getting tiny tears by rubbing against each other.


Shipping Cigars

They’re called five-finger cigar bags and you can order them from Here’s their ordering info: “Our bags are sold in units of 100 bags for $10 per 100 bags or one unit. For orders within the United States orders of 100-200 bags cost $16 per unit of 100 bags shipped USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail. Orders of 300-500 bags (3 to 5 units) are $10 per unit plus $12 shipping (USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail).”

If you don’t really need 100 bags at one time, you should be able to split the order with other cigar lovers who are into trading. Double bagging (with a quart-size Ziploc bag) gives added protection.

The Humidor

If you want to be extra sure that your smokes arrive in primo condition, ship them in a travel humidor. Slip the sticks into the humi, wrap in bubble wrap or other padding before packing in a box. To get the humidor back, insert a return address label with instructions to seal the humi back in the box with the same padding.


Shipping Cigars

We aren't done yet.  There are more shipping tips ahead and some updates about using the USPS to send your cigars.

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