Written by Kevin Godbee

Thursday, 26 February 2009

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A while ago I wrote about whether or not buying cigars online was right for you and we looked at the quality of the cigars that you might buy online compared to the ones that you might buy in a cigar store. I suggested that what you saw, touched and even smelt in a cigar store was what you got while that may not always be the case if you bought online.


I also suggested that while you often save money when you buy your cigars online that saving in dollars isn't everything because there are some very real benefits from buying your cigars at your local cigar store so let's look at these other benefits in some more detail and perhaps you'll see the value as I see it.

The first benefit of buying from your local cigar store, apart from the obvious benefits that I mentioned before, is the fact that you're dealing with a real person. You look him in the eye and you can judge what he is saying about the products you're interested in buying from his body language. Over time you will begin to trust what he says and you will learn to rely on his judgment.

There's not much body language in the descriptions of the various products that an online cigar store is trying to sell you. The person who wrote those descriptions may not even be a cigar smoker and all he might be doing is stringing some words together that will encourage you to buy regardless of what might be right for you.


0 # Point of buying online for mePipesandGop 2009-02-26 10:08
Personally I don't like having to buy my way into a shop ordering something I like. I buy probably 20 singles a week at my local shop, but if I want something they don't have, because they do indeed have a very limited selection, sticking mainly to anything with a flashy band (and they love double bands), I go online to find it. I can get a better price, it saves hassle, and I come out much happier. Example- I've been asking him about getting padron's in for about a year now and he finally decided to get in some 2000's and the full anniversary lines. The problem is he sells his 2000's at about a dollar and a half above what I can get them for online, but his anniversary smokes are at or a hair below msrp. I don't care how nice of a guy he is, when I know people that work there and what the markup is, I choose not to buy them there.

At the same time though, I'll go in there almost on a daily basis and pick up 4 or 5 sticks (about 40 bucks average), some I've tried, some I've never had. Just because I don't buy singles online and these are smokes I might like but not enough to buy a box.

Obviously one is not really better than the other to me- both have their strong points.

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