Written by Kevin Godbee

Monday, 12 October 2009

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In many ways I’m a people-watcher; I can sit in a coffee shop and watch people for hours because they’re so fascinating. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not a peeping Tom, nor do I stalk people - I just watch people in the street and find the way they interact with others andthe world around them to be incredibly interesting.

Actually I’m not alone in being a people-watcher- there are lots and lots of us people-watchers out there and just about anyone who writes is a people-watcher. Over the years, in my roll as a people-watcher I’ve observed a lot of cigar smokers (I guess that was inevitable because of my love of cigars) and now I feel confident in suggesting cigar smokers fall into four main categories.

I’m going to talk those four categories here and by the time I’ve finished I’m sure that you’ll be able to identify the category that you fall into. And just let me say at the start that you should not read any negativity into my comments about each category. We are all entitled to enjoy our cigars in whatever way we please and I have nothing against a guy who smokes one cigar a year or one cigar every hour.

Mr. Dabbler

This is the guy who dabbles in cigar smoking. It’s not a major part of his life and the chances are he doesn’t have any more than 10 cigars in his own private stash at home. He might smoke one now and again as a special treat- maybe friends and family give him a good quality cigar now and then as a gift- but he certainly doesn’t smoke a cigar every day or even every week.

If he likes to hang out with cigar smokers it’s more for the friendship than to pick up any tips on where to get the best. If cigar makers had to depend on business from people who dabble they would have all gone broke years ago.



-1 # you missed a category.random user 2009-10-14 09:00
90% of the many, many dozens of cigar smokers I have interacted with don't fit in a single one of your categories, but fall somewhere between your last and second to the last. It's nice to see you nailed the other 10 percent with your 4 categories, though.

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0 # Once a day smokersteve 2009-10-16 01:41
I agree with random user. your about 10% right. I can't nail the soil but most of my cigar smoking buddies call me when they want to know. According to your theory I am average. Ask my wife she would say otherwise.

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0 # I am Mr. Average....Mr. Average 2009-10-16 02:53
With less than 9 months of serious cigar smoking under my belt, my palette is still developing and am definitely Mr. Average - for now. However, I never see my self owning a free standing humidor as my experience and palette develops. I think the flaw your theory is that it's judged by how many times a week someone smokes and the amount of cigars they have in storage. However, in the future (5 years+ of cigar smoking), I may have the knowledge and quality of the Maven, but not the vast amounts of gars. The odd one out of the 4 types was "the Collector"...

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0 # Close... M. 2009-10-16 03:01
... but close only counts in horseshoes and atom bombs.

I think as far as generalities go, you're on the right track... but having only four isn't quite enough.
I, and most of my cigar smoking friends, fall into a different category... We may just be Maven's in the making, but none of us have the finances to afford Mavenhood, being college students, young professionals, etc. We're also not necessarily frequent smokers, as in every day or even necessarily every week, but we are serious smokers, and when we buy spend a lot of money on the few sticks we buy at a time. We study cigars, and make a study of the cigars we smoke, and each of us can do the things the Maven can do, or are developing that ability. Many of us will never become collectors or mavens, we'll keep buying in small amounts and never having more than 200 on hand, but we'll remain among the more studied, experienced and discerning smokers in our own circles, and people to whom others come for advice.
I'm sure myself and my friends like me are not along...

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0 # good jobDrake 2009-10-16 04:45
I feel like you did a great job-- being in the tobacco business, cigars in particular, I can concur with these categories. Its important to see these 4 groups as generalities. Meaning, you might find yourself crossing over a few boundaries. I've worked in a busy walk in humidor for 5 years and I see these guys all the time. I also believe for the last 2 categories (maven/collector), its a much more discriminating generality (sp?). For Maven, you either are, or are not, the maven. There's no novice maven. For the collector, there is more of a grey area. Good job. Follow @smokingthis

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0 # Mr. Above Average Roadlizard7 2009-10-16 06:39
I know a lot of folks like myself that have 500-100 cigars, of various types, and smoke 2 or sometimes 3 a night many nights.
I like all kinds, mild to strong, but couldn't describe a nuance if it hit me in the face. I've just tried a ton of different kinds, and finally pretty much found out what I like, and buy more of them now. I can also smoke a Don Pepin Black label, and follow it up with a mild Donseca Vintage. My moods and tastes vary from day to day.

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0 # Good not GreatObserver of the Observer 2009-10-16 12:32
Keep watching Mr. People Watcher. You haven't cracked the surface. People watchers range from poor to expert. You still need work. Your categories must over lap and not be so distinct.

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0 # Obviously no one read the 2nd to last sentence of the article........................Thoele 2009-10-20 03:31
"Of course these are generalizations and there are plenty of cigar smokes who are somewhere between any two of those categories."

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0 # Sorry but no Cigar!!!Sorry but no Cigar 2009-10-21 09:59
There is no such thing as this maven you talk about. Blind taste test have proven this time after time. even the most discriminating Havanaphile will miss some if not several cigars in a Blind Taste Test.

Maybe you should find a different job?

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0 # it makes for good reading Ron1369 2009-10-30 09:37
After reading your article I would say that you got close to getting it right on a couple of them, However, I think you need to open up your categories to a more wide spread generalization of more types of smokers.
Your article did however make for good reading and I thank you for that.

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