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Friday, 12 November 2010

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discipline1 Personal finance is one area where many find it hard to be disciplined. Constant temptations through advertising, the growing emphasis put on material things, and trying to keep up with the Joneses are just some reasons that can make it difficult to keep from overspending. Here are some tips you can follow for one month to help get your finances back under control.

Cut out “convenient” food choices

This is definitely one of the areas where the most monetary waste occurs. The temptations are hard to ignore, especially with so many restaurants and fast food joints splattered all over the map. If you are truly going to have a month of discipline, however, you must resist these temptations. Not only are they bad for your budget, but they are also bad for your body. If you can save some cash and keep from packing on the pounds from eating out, you can kill two birds with one stone.

Beginning with breakfast, make it at home. Avoid places like Starbucks that sell expensive coffee and other drinks. Making coffee is easy, and the same holds true for things like eggs, bacon, toast, etc. If you don't feel like cooking or don't have time in the mornings, pick out a good cereal. Before you take off for work, also make sure to pack a lunch. You can save a lot of money during the month if you avoid eating out for lunch.

Dinner is a bit trickier, since this is one meal that many like to enjoy at a restaurant in a social setting. If you have a particular place that has some of your favorite dishes, you can look for their recipes online. Many restaurants now have their recipes published online in one form or another. Have your friends come over to enjoy the meal with you and create your own restaurant at home. Are you a “bad cook”? There's no need to worry. There are plenty of cookbooks and online recipes to guide you. If you can read and follow directions, you can cook.

Eating out is not the only culprit when it comes to wasting money on food. Be smart about the choices you make at the grocery store. While many frozen dinners are convenient, they can be expensive. You can buy a few for emergencies or days when you are tired, but don't build your entire diet around them.


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