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Friday, 12 November 2010

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Find new methods to entertain yourself

Having financial discipline in the leisure department for one month can be rough, especially if you are a social person. Although you will be skipping out on expensive drinking nights at the bar and club, it does not mean you have to succumb to being a hermit. There are several alternatives to take up your free time.

You can invite your friends over to hang out, watch a movie, watch sports, play cards, or to do some other social bonding event. Renting movies is cheaper than going to the theater, and watching sports at home is much cheaper than spending multiple hours at a sports bar. If you feel like getting out of the house, play a sport with others. Real fans of the outdoors can go fishing or hiking.


Being entertained doesn't always mean you have to be around others. There's plenty you can do while alone as well. Although it may not seem entertaining at the outset, reading is a great leisure activity. Pick up some good fiction, or even better, check out some self improvement books. There are tons of self improvement books that will help you learn new ways to better yourself. Go to your local library and find what you can check out for free.

Fitness falls into the leisure and entertainment department, but some may see it as a must for their well-being. As stated earlier, you want to suspend that gym membership this month if the option exists. That does not mean you have to turn into a couch potato and gain a ton of weight.

Try outdoor sports that don't cost a lot of money to participate in. Jogging is excellent exercise and lets you get some fresh air in the process. If you are a real fitness fan, you probably have some old weights around the house. Put those to use. Even if they are not up to speed in terms of mass when compared to the ones at the gym, get creative. There are plenty of workout routines online that don't require heavy weight. Even better, do body weight exercises. These are excellent and can also be found online. There are also cheap alternatives that you can buy to have solid workouts at home. The Iron Gym, for example, converts your doorway into a pullup station. It can also be used for pushups and crunches as well. This is just one example of home fitness alternatives you can use. Although it will cost you upfront, its long term cost is extremely low.

It's only one month

Cutting your spending for one month is not extremely difficult. All it takes is some extra discipline, a little sacrifice, and an analysis of your spending habits. If you sit down and really determine what is necessary in your day to day life, you will find that you can cut many unnecessary expenses. After you complete your month of financial discipline, you will likely feel satisfied with the results. You may even decide to continue your new-found habits into the future.

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