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Friday, 26 November 2010

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Research the products before you buy

Just because something is dirt cheap does not mean it's a can't miss deal. There's a good chance that the product has poor reliability or is substandard in terms of quality. Luckily, the internet offers a way for you to see product reviews. Many retail sites now include a review or comment section on each product's page. Here you can see what people have to say on the product and if it is worth a purchase or not. Many sites also have ratings systems that are easy to decipher so you don't have to spend all day reading individual reviews.

Get the lowest prices in-store by bringing proof

The retail market is as competitive as ever, and many stores offer price matching. In other words, if a competitor has the same product for less, that particular store will match the price so that you shop with them instead. Of course, you probably cannot just walk in the store, tell them you found the product at “X” for cheaper and expect them to honor your word. You will need proof.

If you are not too keen on newspapers but want to catch some sales, pick up a Sunday paper. They will be loaded with ads, coupons, and more. Should you see a product on sale for less at a certain store, but that store is far away from you, bring the ad into a competitor and ask if they will match the price. As mentioned earlier, some retailer's sites will offer discounts if you purchase online. They may honor that same online price inside the store too. Print out the page detailing the item and its price and bring it to the store. They may accept the online price, and if they do, you will have it immediately and won't have to wait for shipping.


What to do when shopping for that special someone

You may not be too observant and have little clue of your girlfriend's or wife's likes and dislikes. This is somewhat of a problem, but not something you can't overcome. Do not wait until the last minute to purchase her gift. You will just feel rushed, overwhelmed, and will pick out something generic for the sake of it that shows little originality. Plan ahead by asking her things such as what her measurements are, or what her favorite color is. If possible, take one of her friends with you shopping, or some female in your life that can provide input.

Do not buy her anything that you know she will abandon and will become yours, such as a cool electronics device or something she has no interest in. This is a transparent move that people sometimes make and is just another way for you to buy something for yourself. Since the holidays are a time for bonding and feeling good, you want to avoid fights. With that in mind, stay away from self improvement products. Do not buy her any books or CDs on how to improve her personality, her outlook on life, or even worse, her weight. Something like this could be seen as an insult and cause unnecessary tension.

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