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Friday, 22 October 2010

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overeat Since it is not always obvious, finding out whether or not or when you are overeating will take some investigative work regarding your eating methods. If you are guilty of it, you need to examine why you are overeating, and what is behind that urge. Keep reading to find out the reasons behind overeating, and how to stop it.

As noted in some Lifestyle articles here in the past, your diet is an extremely important element of your life that not only affects your body, but also your mind. Although you may eat relatively healthy, you may have some problems keeping extra weight off. Maybe you workout like a maniac but are still looking in the mirror and seeing unwanted fat. Despite your decent habits, you may have overlooked one specific act that many people suffer from: overeating.

Trying to define overeating

Overeating can sometimes be referred to as an eating disorder. People who overeat or binge compulsively may suffer from an eating disorder such as bulimia. Such behavior can lead to some very detrimental health issues down the road such as heart disease or diabetes. Those who suffer from eating disorders characterized by overeating usually perform the act when they are alone to hide the problem. They also tend to suffer from depression and guilt when they are finished.

Generally speaking, overeating usually refers to when you take in more food than necessary for daily energy on a long term basis. Most overeaters tend to fall under this general definition, but as stated, it can sometimes be much more serious. One example would be if you eat when you are not hungry. Perhaps you eat too fast, as if you were in basic training and only had a minute to scarf down your food. Maybe you just like to go for that second helping more times than not, because the food tastes so good. Since men, on average are physically larger and have heartier appetites than women, they tend to get a pass when it comes to eating too much. In fact, it is generally seen as normal and manly. It may seem harmless, but overeating will stand in your way of dropping that excess weight and looking and feeling your best. Unless you are eating tons of protein-rich foods in the name of gaining muscle mass or something similar, overeating is unnecessary.

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