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Friday, 22 October 2010

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The reasons behind overeating

If overeating is unnecessary, then why do we do it? There are several reasons why men, in particular, overeat. Some can be applied to women as well. Let's look at some of the top reasons.

To cope with stress or to replace another addiction


Whether good or bad, food is seen as a friend by many. When stress kicks into daily life, and it definitely does, there are various coping mechanisms that people employ. A good coping mechanism against stress would be going to the gym. A bad one, and a common one at that, is to eat. Although it seems as if women are characterized as emotional eaters, men can be guilty of the same. Ordering a buffet-sized quantity of takeout food or stocking up on snacks are a couple of examples one might use to cope with the bad day at work or stress from kids. While the feeling of control that you have while eating your stress-relieving food may be great, the short term distraction provided will turn into long term excess pounds.

Perhaps one of the most stressful things to achieve is overcoming an addiction. If you are trying to quit smoking or dropping alcohol, you will likely try to fill that void. For many, food is the most common way to fill voids created by kicking bad habits, and it just creates another bad one for them to overcome.

To cure boredom


It might be safe to say that most men have been guilty of eating while they are bored at least once. Maybe its the summertime and none of your favorite sports are on television. Maybe there's a torrential downpour or ice storm outside and you are stuck in the house. Even worse, maybe you are lacking in the friends or partner department. Whatever the case may be, if you are bored out of your mind, that boredom can disappear if you have a bag of chips, cookies, or a carton of ice cream in your lap. Having a plentiful supply of food within your reach can turn any dull moment into an interesting one. Thus, you can sit there with your hands going back for seconds, thirds, ninths, and more until there is not one drop of food left. This is classic overeating and a good way to take in tons of unnecessary calories in a hurry.

Social reasons


Cultural events like Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners are times where overeating is encouraged. If you don't fill up your plate with all that is offered, you may offend your hosts. Also, there is usually so much enticing food offered, that unless you have enormous will power, it will be impossible to pass up. This is normal at large family get-togethers and social events across various cultures. Even eating out, another social favorite, promotes overeating. Buffets and many normal restaurants now offer portions that are often way too excessive.

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