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Monday, 29 November 2010

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Turkey DinnerIt’s no secret that during the holidays all of us have a tendency to over-eat and over-indulge in our favorite dishes and treats.  It could be the great meals that are your downfall or you just might get overwhelmed by all of the choices of desserts and sweets that accompany the holidays each year.

It’s sometimes hard to stop eating especially if there are so many delicious and delectable offerings of food on the table at home and so much so on our family’s and friends’ tables.  All of our promises to “not eat so much” just fizzle on the tongue when faced with extremely well-cooked and delightfully-prepared concoctions.  Don’t worry though.  There are some tips and tricks that can help you make it through this holiday season without having to go shopping for a new wardrobe by the time the new year rolls around.

There is still hope for us yet and let us all heed the ways that can help us stick to our diet this Christmas season:

•    Drink lots of water – Water is not just meant to refresh you but drinking a full glass before the eating starts also works on making you feel bloated even before you take your first spoonful of the food.  That way, you don’t eat as much because you’re already full to begin with.

•    Control your portions – When there’s so much food laid out in front of you, you may start drooling and end up getting a bit of pretty much everything that is put in front of you, cramming them all in one plate (especially if you’re handed a huge plate!).  The trick is to just get a sampling or a bite-sized serving of each dish.  This way, you can have a taste of everything without having to finish a hefty serving.

•    Make your own healthy contributions – Sometimes it helps to bring your own healthy snacks or dishes to parties, especially if what they’re serving is sure to make you fat.  At least, there’ll be something there for you to eat that can help in controlling your calorie intake during the holiday season.

•    Stay away from the food – Yes, it means literally staying away from the food.  The nearer your table is or your position is to the food, the easier it is for you to nibble and to keep nibbling while the party is in full swing.  If you’re much farther from the food, you’ll probably have 2nd thoughts about going the extra mile across the room to get a second or third helping.

•    Control, control, control – The most important thing to remember is to be determined to eat only what you need.  Before you head out to the party, try and decide just how many cookies you’re going to eat, just how many calories you need so you can gauge when to stop eating.  Remember your sense of fullness and don’t overdo it.


By following these simple ideas you can help control yourself when you are staring at that long table packed with food and sweets.  Keep these easy tips in mind and you will make it through the holiday season without adding too many inches to your waistline.


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