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Friday, 03 December 2010

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Prescription drugs are not the only place where you can save money by going generic. Many generic food products at your local grocery hardly differ from their more expensive brand name counterparts. With food, your mileage may vary in the brand name versus generic competition, but you will find that many times you can get the same flavor and quality from a generic selection.

Unplug devices when not in use

Even though your television, computer, or other electronic device has been turned off, it could still be using energy that can add up over the course of a month to increase your electric bill. If you want to save some dollars on your monthly electric bill, make a habit out of unplugging devices when you are not using them. This may seem like a bit of a pain, but it can reduce your monthly spending. To avoid from having to unplug tons of devices each day, invest in power strips. With a power strip, you can unplug multiple devices at the same time by pulling just one plug.

Cut back on your hot water heater's settings

It may be safe to say that most people are not huge fans of taking showers with ice cold water. To prevent this, many have their water heaters set to high temperatures to enjoy the comfort that comes with hot showers. While there is nothing wrong with having your water heater set appropriately to dole out hot water when needed, you may have it set at a temperature that is unnecessary.

How can you tell if you have your water heater set too high? If you find yourself getting scalded by the hot water while showering and need to turn on the cold water to even things out, your water heater is set too high. Try lowering the temperature setting and see if it suits you. Performing this simple tweak will help you save money on your monthly bill.

Ways to keep your holiday spending under control

Does the financial stress that comes with the holidays have your worried? Follow these tips to keep your holiday spending under control.

Say goodbye to your credit cards


Credit cards are helpful if you have an emergency you need to pay for, but they can be counterproductive during the holidays. Having a credit card with a large spending limit combined with your desire to spread holiday cheer via gifts could be a recipe for disaster. You may feel great when handing out your credit-bought gifts, but you may feel remorseful when the next credit card bill comes in the mail.

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