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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

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When choosing a sport to pursue, what are the motivations that make you want to do it and stick with it? The first consideration when choosing a sport is the skill or natural affinity you have for the sport so that you can enjoy and at the same time excel in it. Many would also consider the kind of benefits you can derive from it. With the holiday season in full swing choosing an exercise and sticking to it will help keep off those unwanted holiday pounds that are sure to come with all of the holiday food and drinks that are surely in your future. When it comes to running, the benefits are simple and straightforward.

· Great exercise for a healthy lifestyle – Many people are shifting their lifestyle choices to include health and fitness as a premium. Among these changes include participating in a sport, like running, to get them back on the “healthy” bandwagon. You may want to start running because you want to shed a few pounds or you simply want to maintain your weight. Running is a great cardiovascular workout that can really burn those unwanted fats away.

· Promote strong muscles and bones – With you spending most of your time in front of the computer, whether at work or at home, your muscles and bones have a tendency to weaken because of the sedentary lifestyle. Running gets your blood pumping, your insides back into their proper place and generally promotes strong muscles and bones.

· Increases self-esteem – The feeling of having accomplished something, even something as simple as running, improves your self-esteem. Once you see that your running is achieving the body that you want, is getting you to the level of health that you desire then you have even more confidence to continue with it and possibly inspire other people to do the same as well.

· A great stress-buster – There may be times in your life when you feel so pressured and so blocked in that you’re looking for ways relieve the stress. Running takes care of that by letting you have some time for yourself – to think, to breathe, to appreciate what’s around you – especially when you’re running outside and not just on a treadmill.

· Builds concentration and determination – You may not think it but running really focuses your mind and your body, especially when you’re gearing up for a marathon, a race or for a change of tracks. The sheer will needed to finish a race to achieve your goal crosses over to your real life when you need to face obstacles and problems in the real world.

· No expensive gear required – The best thing about running is that you hardly need to invest in anything to get going. All you need is a pair of good running shoes and off you go. Some people even forsake running shoes in favor of running barefoot as it strengthens their muscles and develops better coordination.

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