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Thursday, 11 July 2013

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When you find your favorite online retailer, let him know how much you appreciate the fine work he does. Spend money and tell him how much you enjoyed the cigars you purchased. If he has a forum, rave about his stock and give glowing reviews to the cigars you’ve tried. How can he refuse to give you first dibs on the good stuff when you’re such a great customer and a really nice guy?

Cast a wider net.
If you’ve made the acquaintance of other cigar aficionados at online forums like ours here at, enlist them in your quest for hard-to-find cigars. If another member is discussing having tried one of the sticks you’re looking for, ask him where he got them—and if they have more. You may find an online retailer you’ve never heard of who stocks just what you’ve been looking for, or a local shop in another city that will ship them to you.

Be sure to return the favor by turning other forum members on to your favorite places to score the best stogies. When you score some great smokes via a tip from a forum member, thank him. With a network of friends helping you look for those prized cigars, you’re bound to score sooner or later.


Limited Edition Cigars

Your goal is to make friends and try new cigars, so be nice to everyone. The more other forum members like you, the more likely they are to give you inside information. Don’t be a jerk or condescending to other members that you may not agree with.

Keep it legal.
As we’ve mentioned several times over the last few months, we’re still stuck with that accursed Cuban trade embargo. That means Cuban cigars, and just about anything else made in Cuba, is illegal in the U.S. Do not be tempted to ask your tobacconist or cigar aficionado pals to get you some Cuban cigars. If a friend in another country where these cigars are legal offers to send you some, politely decline. You’d just get both of you in trouble. No cigar is worth spending time in jail.

The only Cuban cigars that are legal here are the ones made prior to the embargo. They’re very old, very rare and likely to be very expensive. If you find some, appreciate them!


Rare Cigars


Enjoy the quest.
You win some and you lose some. You can spend months looking for a limited edition cigar without getting so much as a hint. Or you can score exactly what you wanted the first time you put out a request. Don’t expect to find everything you want overnight, but relax and enjoy what you get. Have fun making new friends, in your town and online.

Think of scoring rare cigars as a game and have fun playing it!

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