Written by James Payne

Friday, 26 February 2010

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reviewWelcome back to another article in our series “Cigar Tips: The Puff Top 20”. In these articles we have covered (and will continue to cover) what we consider to be some of the best cigar tips around. So if you are a new smoker, or an old hat, climb on board and start reading. You just might learn something that will help you to enjoy your cigars even more.

Last episode we gave you the first five tips in our list. As refresher, I will include those here, in case you missed them:

· Tip #1: Do Not Inhale Your Cigar Smoke

· Tip #2: Roll Your Cigar If You Have An Uneven Burn

· Tip #3: Do Not Pick Up A Cigar In A Cigar Store and Stick It Under Your Nose

· Tip #4 If You Want To Remove The Ban From Your Cigar, Try Smoking Your Cigar For Ten Minutes First

· Tip # 5: If You Cigar Tastes Funny, Try Purging It, Or Blowing Air Through The Cigar Several Times.

This issue, I want to take the time to focus on an often overlooked, but vitally important aspect of a cigar smoker’s life (or at least it should be). I am talking about hygiene. I cannot tell you the number of times I have smelled people reeking of smoke. While I enjoy smoking a cigar and the fine bouquet is (hopefully) gives off, that does not mean I enjoy being stuck in an elevator with a guy or gal that smells like a slab of day old smoked beef brisket.

With that in mind, I figured I would offer up some advice on how to keep yourself “smoke-free” in a purely smell sort of a way. So, without wasting any more breath (hah, more puns!), let’s get started.

Tip #6: You Have Bruce Lee in Your Mouth…Your Breath is Kickin!

Aside from affecting the way your breath smells, smoking can also affect the way your teeth look and their general health. I have seen many yellowed teeth in my time. Well, never fear, we have some solutions.

First, let’s deal with the breath issue. It probably isn’t feasible, but if it is, carry around a travel toothbrush and toothpaste kit. After you smoke, brush those teeth. A travel sized bottle of a mouthwash helps as well, or a mouth spray. I find that some of the “fresh-breath” gums do not work as well as they purport to, but maybe that is just me. Another trick of the trade is to eat some peanuts. For whatever reason, they seem to get rid of that smoky smell.

As for the look of your teeth, all of the above will help. I use toothpaste with a whitening agent in it, and if I find that it isn’t enough, then I will occasionally use some whitening strips. They work pretty well for me; I have an hour commute to work, and I put them on before I leave the house. If that fails, I hear using baking soda for tooth paste is a good trick, but I would do some research on that before I tried it. As a worst-case-scenario, you can also go to a dentist and get them whitened.

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