Nasal Snuff
Written by James Payne

Friday, 05 February 2010

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nasal snuff

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Below, I will discuss the different varieties, grouping them by size, and listing the different “flavors” they come in.

Demi Gros –This type of snuff is the most popular and is medium in size. Its color is a nice golden, and it comes in the following flavors: Fruit, Gourmand, Medicated, Plain, Scented, and Toasted. (We’ll cover what these flavors mean shortly).

Fin – Fin snuff is very finely ground and tends to be lighter in color. Because of its size, you tend to get more “flavor” from it, however, its size does come with a drawback – it can more readily induce sneezing. Proper technique will usually keep this from happening though, so it is more a concern for new snuff takers. It comes in these flavors: Fruit, Gourmand, Medicated, Plain, Scented, and Toasted.

Gros – This type of snuff is dark and moist. Traditionally you will find portions of tobacco stalk, which add to its robustness. It comes in the following flavors: Fruit, Gourmand, Medicated, Plain, and Scented.


Above, we talked about the different flavors of snuff. Calling them flavors is a little misleading, as they are more “flavor groups” than one flavor. Below, I will give a brief explanation of each.

Fruit – As the name implies, fruit flavored snuff comes in flavors – you guessed it – based on fruit. These can include banana, cherry, blueberry, and so forth. Sometimes you will find a Medicated Fruit, which means that in addition to its fruit flavoring, it will have a bit of menthol or camphor flavoring.

Gourmand - This name sounds similar to gourmet, and for good reason. This type of snuff tastes like different consumable delicacies (but not fruit). You can find it in flavors like chocolate, nut, coffee, whiskey, bourbon, and even cola.

Plain – Once more, this snuff is what you think it would be. Plain snuff has no added flavoring, but instead relies upon the natural flavor of the blends used to create it.

Scented – This type of snuff is flavored with scents like rose, lilac – all sorts of flowers, as well as perfumes.

Toasted – This snuff is often dry and light in color. It can have scented elements to it, though it does not always have it.


Looks like we are out of time again. This article introduced to a brief history of Snuff, and taught you about the different types of snuff. Armed with this knowledge, we can start to learn how to pick the snuff that is right for us, which we will be doing as we delve ever deeper into this series.

As always, I would like to invite you to ask any questions, or better yet, offer your own opinions and experiences that you have had with snuff, or tobacco in general. And thanks for reading. I will catch you on the flip side.

Till then…


+2 # MrSnuffMrSnuff 2010-02-05 07:59
As the owner of the online store MrSnuff, I am an avid fan of nasal snuff. I have over 300 brands in my personal collection.

If any of you cigar fans here want any info or advice, please do not hesitate to ask. For example where to start; techniques; favorites and so on.


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0 # RE: Nasal SnuffLeonard 2012-02-25 01:01
A decade or so ago while I worked in a smokeshop I discovered that snuff could often ward off an allergy attack. It must line the nasal passages, thus keeping allergens from making proper contact.

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