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Saturday, 21 April 2012

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puffoysterlead1Oysters may be ugly, but that hasn’t stopped the briny bivalve from being appreciated as a delectable delicacy. One famous oyster lover was legendary cocksman Casanova, who started his meals with several dozen oysters. While the oyster’s reputation as an aphrodisiac is pretty much a myth, the marvelous mollusks have been enjoyed for thousands of years and always linked with love.





Unfortunately for oyster lovers, these creatures of the deep are endangered, to the point that 85% of the world’s wild oyster reefs have disappeared. However, 75% of the world’s remaining oysters can be found right here in the U.S.A.

The largest oyster beds in the U.S. are located in Chesapeake Bay, while more can be found along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico from Apalachicola, Florida, to Galveston, Texas. Those southern oyster beds have been heavily damaged by the 2010 Gulf oil spill, another reason why oysters are becoming more rare. That’s just another reason to enjoy oysters now, while you still can.



Oysters can be prepared in a variety of ways including steaming, frying, poaching, boiling and baking. The very best way to appreciate oysters is the simplest—served raw and ice cold on the half shell with a little horseradish and hot sauce.

While the best place to really kick back with a platter or two of cold raw oysters and  an even colder beer is a beach bar with a view of the ocean they just came out of, there are plenty of restaurants that have made oysters their specialty. Here are a few favorites, and remember that the old caveat about only eating oysters in months with an “r” is outdated. With the coming of refrigeration, oysters may be safely eaten all year long.

The Grand Central Oyster Bar
89 E. 42nd St.
New York, NY 10017
Right in the heart of the Big Apple on the lower level of Grand Central Terminal is this elegant restaurant that’s been dishing up great seafood since 1912. There are more than twenty oyster selections to tempt your palate, including a legendary oyster pan roast. If you find the array of oysters daunting, try the Grand Central eight-piece oyster platter or the bivalve platter of four oyster and four clams. If you’re really hungry, or have a friend to share it, try the medley of shellfish with 10 oysters, two clams, two jumbo shrimp, three mussels and a whole lobster for $60.65. For smaller appetites, oysters can be bought singly for $1.95-3.95 each.




Union Oyster House
41 Union St.
Boston, MA 02108
This place has to know oysters, since they’ve been serving them up since 1826. Its semi-circular oyster bar shucks more than 3,000 of the tasty bivalves on its busier days. Choices include a half-dozen native oysters for $14.95, and Union Grilled Oysters or Oysters Rockefeller for $15.50 each. Get your dinner off to a great start with the Hot Oyster House Sampler appetizer for two at $23.95 that includes Union Grilled Oysters, Baked Cherrystones, Clams Casino,?Oysters Rockefeller and Shrimp Scampi.




0 # Oyster aficianaoRussjimmy 2012-08-15 10:27
the best oysters I've found in Central Florida are at Lee & Rick's in Orlando. Fresh and they shuck them right in front of you at the bar. A bucket of medium steamed and a pitcher of something cold and I'm happy! :lol:

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