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Friday, 25 January 2008

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The question of which beverage is best enjoyed with a cigar is one that really has no right or wrong answer because it all comes down to a matter of personal preference. What tastes right to you when it’s combined with a cigar is more important than what might be ‘politically correct’ to drink with a cigar.

Obviously that means that there are some who would enjoy a good coffee with a cigar while others may prefer some form of alcohol and perhaps the best rule of thumb here is to match the strength of the cigar with the strength of the drink. For some people a good beer, possibly a boutique beer, goes well with a cigar but others may prefer something with a stronger taste so that the cigar does not overwhelm the drink.

Cognac has long been seen as the perfect match for a good cigar but these days that view is being challenged by other wines and spirits. A quality port could be every bit as good as a cognac with a cigar and Rush Limbaugh is one who prefers a port over a cognac to accompany a good cigar. If a port is good then perhaps a strong but smooth red wine such as an Australian Merlot might also work for you.

Others suggest that cocktails … especially Kahlua based drinks … are ideal with a cigar. But it may be that ‘real’ cigar smokers prefer a single malt whisky served straight or perhaps with a little ice if you think a straight whisky might overpower the cigar. There really is a wide range of alcoholic drinks that work very well when combined with cigars.

If you would prefer to try a non-alcoholic drink with your cigar then coffee is definitely the drink of choice although I have met some cigar smokers who are quite happy to drink tea while smoking a cigar. I’m not sure that tea would necessarily work for me for I do prefer something stronger to match my cigar.

So if you’re thinking of trying coffee then think of some of the strong and aromatic blends from South America might be a good place to start. If you’re particularly brave try a true Greek coffee with your cigar. You’ll find that the term ‘short black’ takes on a whole new meaning when your coffee is prepared and served in the true traditional Greek manner.

While a Cappuccino works for many cigar smokers you may prefer something stronger and if that were the case then I would recommend looking to those South American blends I mentioned a moment ago. A Mocha blend would be a starting point as you experiment to find what works best for your palate.

Whatever you choose to drink while you smoke a good cigar be sure to choose something that compliments the taste of your cigar rather than fighting against it. Sit back and relax and enjoy the combined tastes just as you enjoy a time of quiet reflection if you’re alone or the combined characters of your friends if you have the good fortune to share your time with them.

And don’t be afraid to experiment even when you’ve found something that fits your taste perfectly. There are always new and exciting combinations to try and you should never let yourself be bound by what others think of as the perfect combination.

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