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Sunday, 18 August 2013

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To a cigar lover, there’s nothing more frustrating than having smokes that you paid good money for go bad before you have a chance to smoke them. This is usually caused by one of two things: Your humidor has not been kept at the optimal temperature and humidity or you haven’t bothered to buy a humidor.  Don't let it happen to you.  We've got some simple yet effective tips to keep your humidor regulated.






If number two is the culprit, stop being lazy/cheap and buy yourself a humidor, because keeping fine cigars stored in Ziploc baggies inside a cooler just won’t cut it in the long run unless you know what you are doing and are keeping your coolidor functioning.  Don't get me a wrong.  A coolidor is a popular option its just not option of choice. First, you need a decent humidor, then you need to keep it running properly so that it will protect your precious cigars.


A good humidor is your best friend when it comes to keeping your cigars fresh and ready to smoke. Treat your humidor with care and it will keep your cigars tasting great as well as promoting the aging process. Ignore it, and you’re setting yourself up for numerous problems than can ruin your cigars.

Maintenance is simple, once you get the hang of it. Spending a few minutes a week on taking care of your humidor will pay off, as your humidor will take immaculate care of your valuable cigars.

Humidor 101

The ideal temp for your cigars is about 70 degrees with a humidity level in the 60-72 percent range (these numbers can vary a little based on your personal preference). This would be easy to do if the temperature in your house was the same all year long, but since that’s not going to happen, you’ll have to stay on top of what’s going on inside your humidor.

Why is this the ideal climate for cigars? Because cigars are made from tobacco, and the types of tobacco that makes great cigars is grown in tropical and equatorial countries like Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua. That means that the leaves were raised to maturation in a climate of constant 70%-80% humidity. Once the tobacco is made into cigars, they need a similar level of humidity in order to maintain their freshness. If you allow the humidity of the humidor to vary by even 5%, this can cause damage to the cigars by affecting the oils in the wrapper and causing the tobacco to flake and crack.


Where to place your humidor

There are several factors that can affect the humidor’s humidity level, like air circulation, heating and air conditioning. The humidor should be kept in a spot away from windows, fans and vents, and especially out of direct sunlight. You don’t have to stick it in a closet, but do look for a dry place that’s away from the elements. Keeping the humidor in a cool, dry place will also help to stave off mold and fungus.

Your humidifier will need to be checked more frequently for humidity levels during dry weather. You’ll also need to add distilled water or humidifying solution more often. If you live in the desert, you’re going to have to really keep up with those humidity levels and may need to add a supplemental humidification device to the humidor. Hey, all this is a lot of trouble, but your cigars are worth it, right?

No matter what the weather where you live, you should check your humidifier’s humidity level at least every other week. If the level falls below 65%, add more distilled water. Don’t even think of using tap water, because it can contain chlorine and minerals that can clog the works of your humidifier as well as encouraging the growth of mold and mildew. If that wasn’t bad enough, the impurities in tap water can spoil the flavor of the tobaccos.

Every few months, you should charge your humidifier with activation solution, a mixture of propylene glycol and distilled water. This stuff regulates the humidity level of your humidor as well as retarding the growth of bacteria and mold. Another good investment is a hygrometer that tells you when you need to refill the humidity regulator on your humidifier. The digital models are more accurate.

Keep reading because you will want to know how to prevent beetles from ruining your sticks.


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