Puff Glossary for March Part Two
Written by James Payne

Friday, 05 March 2010

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You may or may not know what snuff is. I have written an article on it, and in the last glossary I covered its Swedish cousin, Snus. I will include it here because not everyone knows what it is, and also as a lead in to another type of snuff called creamy snuff.

Snuff is a form of smokeless and spitless tobacco. It originated England and was popular in English courts, often considered a medicinal. Today, its popularity is mainly in Europe, though with the resurgence of smokeless tobacco, it is picking up popularity here in the States.

It looks similar to sand, and as the name suggests, you inhale it. Many people think that you snort it, but doing so can lead to some serious issues. It is a dry tobacco.

Creamy Snuff

Of the tobacco products I have covered so far, creamy snuff is probably the weirdest. I have never tried it and probably will never. In one way it is ingenious, in another, it is just plain crazy.

Basically Creamy Snuff is mostly used in India, and by Indian women. It is sold in a toothpaste tube and for good reason: it is used for teeth cleaning. The mixture is part tobacco, camphor, spearmint, and insanity.

The genius part of this for me is that it is a sure fire way to get your kids to keep brushing their teeth, as it is addictive. The bad part of course is that, well, it is addictive and you do not want to give it to your kids. If anyone out there has tried this, or even seen it in a store somewhere, let us know. Better yet, start a thread in the forums with some pics of you using it so we can Photoshop funny things on your image.


These sticks are half cigar, half hippy. Pronounced “Cry Tech”, these smokes are made from tobacco and cloves and are wildly popular in Indonesia, making up the majority of smokes there. They were originally made as a delivery mechanism for medicine (clove being the supposed medicine) back in the 19th century, which is a little ironic, since they, like the Beedi, have a higher nicotine and tar content than traditional cigarettes.

These are no longer legal in the US, so you won’t be able to find them unless you do some traveling.

Hailing from Iran, this beast from the Middle East is reminiscent of pipe tobacco, which is smoked in a pipe called a midwakh. According to our friend Wikipedia, is it a mix of tobacco, leaves, bark, and herbs. If the ingredients turn you off (this smoke has no bite, but a lot of bark!), never fear, they make it in flavored varieties too. Oddly, tree sap is not one of them.

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