Written by Paul Shoberg

Monday, 28 September 2009

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istocksmallThis is the battle of the century. Titans going head to head. In one corner, my wife and her inane ability to smell cigar smoke in quantities so small Oompa Loompas would even miss it. In the challenger’s corner, two somewhat highly touted smoke and odor eliminating devices. Challenger number one is the Oreck ProShield Air Purifier. Challenger number two is the Alpine Air Better Living Air purifier. Both of these guys cost a bit under $400, so they better work, or I have a lot of explaining to do.

The test arena is my office. A 20 x 20 room with minimal fabric to retain odors, including a walnut floor that in theory should not retain smoke as well as carpet would.

Battling these air purifiers are Cohiba Espledidios. Big cigars that put off copious amounts of smoke, but hey, this is a heavyweight challenge isn’t it? The face off goes something like this: I will smoke a Cohiba in my office with the window closed and one of the air purifiers running. The air purifier will then have overnight to eliminate the smoke smell from the room, and give me a chance, however slim, of saving my marriage, and justifying the $800 I spent on these two gadgets. In the morning, my lovely wife will enter the sealed office, and utilize her odor identifying abilities to see if I have had a cigar. To keep things honest, she will do this morning test for 7 days in a row, only two of which I will have had a cigar the night before.

Standard disclaimer being that this is by no means scientific…and I am simply conducting it for fun, and to hopefully put an end to the long search for a real odor and smoke eliminating device. I admit I am pretty skeptical.

First, the Oreck ProShield Air Purifier. This things claims to do a lot, and that funky looking David Oreck seems to personify the best in vacuum cleaner salesmen…if there really is such a thing. You can buy it for $349, and you get the second half off! Why you need two I have no idea, but I suppose you could team up with a buddy. A few comments about the features as I experienced them, and then the test results.


0 # Better things to spend money one-man 2009-09-29 08:57
why not spend $3000 on a hot tub. You can smoke in the freezing cold and still be comfortable. Plus, your wife will get enjoyment out of it too.

It's a better investment than the $800 you shelled out for worthless air purifiers.

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