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Wednesday, 01 May 2013

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Some cigar smokers have complained about the difficulty of picking up different tastes when smoking.  This how-to will hopefully serve as a guide to help you refine your palate to amplify each cigar smoking experience.

The subject of taste or flavor with regards to cigars is one that seems to bring up some pretty good debates every now and then.  Some smokers believe that cigar reviews where a plethora of flavors are detected are too over the top and dramatic.  Of course, we are all different, so it is possible that what one person detects will vary greatly from what another person does.  That doesn’t mean that every cigar you smoke should provide a dull and uninspiring experience, however.

If you are new to smoking cigars, you may feel a bit confused as to where all of these wonderful flavors are hiding, such as cocoa, espresso, earth, nuts, cherry, chocolate, cedar, and the list goes on.  It may be difficult to pick up on these subtle flavors that differ between cigars.  This is probably truer for beginners, but it can refer to some experienced smokers as well.  With that being said, learning some tips to employ while smoking could definitely help you to refine your palate.  There are many such tips out there, and everyone has their own favorite techniques, but here are some that should help you build a solid foundation as you continue to smoke more cigars well into the future.  After all, there’s no reason why you should miss out on all of the interesting flavors that each cigar blend can provide.  Now, enough with the intro – let’s jump into the palate-refining tips, shall we?

Concentration is key

Trying to pick up on a cigar’s subtleties requires concentration.  While you may enjoy smoking cigars while mowing the lawn, playing golf, or performing other tasks, this could distract you from focusing on the cigar smoking experience.  You want to have your mind and your senses tuned in to truly noticed the different tastes. 

Avoid flavored beverages

For many, pairing a cigar with wine, beer, liquor, or coffee is one of life’s luxuries.  This is certainly true, but when trying to refine your palate, you want to keep things simple.  Remember, you are trying to detect flavors here, so pairing your cigar with a flavored beverage could become a distraction.  Once your palate is refined, however, feel free to go all out in the beverage department.

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