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Sunday, 15 May 2011

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Havana Social Club Private Rolling Classes

This smoking lounge offers much more than cigars and a place to relax. Having hired an in-house Cuban roller, they’re offering cigar-lovers the chance to book private rolling classes with the club’s personal cigar master. It’s a chance to learn top tips from the lounge’s cigar pro, and you can even request a one-on-one tutorial for a super-focused masterclass.

Ybor City’s International Bazaar

If you’re serious about learning to roll, and you wouldn’t mind a career at the end of it, you should be heading across to Florida’s Ybor City. Once the epicentre of cigar manufacturing in the US, the city is now celebrating its smoke-filled heritage with a twelve week rolling course. With the aim of teaching people about the history of the industry in Ybor City, as well as how to roll like a pro, the International Bazaar is hosting classes to train Tampa’s cigar rollers of the future. Instructed by master cigar rollers, it’s one of the most extensive courses of its kind. Over the twelve weeks you’ll learn about the diverse types of tobacco that exist, the different flavours they produce, and how to use them to develop unique cigar blends. The last three weeks of the course focus purely on your rolling technique, and you’ll take home an entire of box of your own hand-rolled, personally-blended sticks at the end of it.


Picking a Course

Choosing where to learn depends on what level of skill you’re after. Whether you’re looking for a bit of fun, a laugh with your mates, an exotic holiday or an intensive course, there’s definitely a class out there for you. If you’ve heard of classes going on in your area, we’d love to hear about them. Feel free to use the comment boxes below and let the world know how to become a cigar-rolling master.


+1 # owner Bobalu Cigar Co.cigarzz 2011-05-18 11:23
Really there is nobody that has a course like this geared toward the industry. We have been training rollers for almost 15 years.

Bobalu Cigar Company presents Cigar Rollers School. This intensive seven (7) day course is geared toward the cigar industry and those wanting to bring back cigar rolling skills to their own shop. Classes are on a one to one basis and instruction will be provided by highly experienced cigar rollers. We will teach you both the Cuban as well as the Dominican style of cigar making. This course will teach you every aspect of the cigar rolling process from selecting and blending the leaf to box presentation after completion of the final wrapper phase. You will roll cigar in our heavily trafficked window on Austin's famous 6th Street as your final test before you "graduate".
This is a "can't miss" investment and an absolute must for the serious cigar entrepreneur or store owner. The payoff is increased traffic, customer appeal, and higher margins. Set yourself apart from the competition. We have already taken the risk and proven that it is worth its weight in gold. Now is your chance to cash in and turbo charge your business.

Cigar Molds, cutting boards, chavetas (cigar cutting "knife"), glue, cigar presses, and all other related equipment available at market price. Filler, binder, and wrapper leaf, along with factory rolled cigars using the same blends of tobacco, are also available.

For more information on Cigar rollers school contact Jeff Lipton

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+1 # RE: Roll Up For Cigar Making ClassesJillain 2011-11-14 20:52
Hi, Im getting married on June 21, 2012 in the corning, ny area. For a wedding gift for my fiance I had wanted to have an instructor come and set up at the reception and be there to teach any of the guests how to roll a cigar. Obviously, w the short time span, Im just looking for someone to show them the quick basics. I'm not completely sure where you're located or if this is something you do, but if it's not I'd appreciate any leads in my area.


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+1 # Owner Of Bobalu Cigar Co. Manufacturer of Cigarsjeff lipton 2012-05-18 14:57
call us toll free 1-888-33-cigar

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-1 # RE: Roll Up For Cigar Making ClassesDonta 2012-02-24 12:04
I would love to take the class,i live in Ohio but know people in Texas. How much is the course plus materials?

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+1 # Owner Of Bobalu Cigar Co. Manufacturer of Cigarsjeff lipton 2012-05-18 14:56
Bobalu Cigar Rollers School

This is geared mainly towards people in the cigar industry

>This course is one on one. one student at a time. Schedules are worked out with each student
hotel and travel expenses NOT included
>#1 In our 7 day course You will learn everything you need
> to bring the skill of hand rolling cigars back home with you.
>This course will teach you every aspect of the cigar rolling process
>from selecting and blending the leaf to box presentation. You will be rolling
>in our high traffic window on famous 6th street before you leave.
>Molds, cutting boards chevetas, glue, cigar presses and all other related
>equipment available at market price. Filler, binder and wrapper leaf
>along with factory rolled cigars using same blend also available. This is
>an investment. The payoff will be increased traffic, customer appeal,
>and higher margins. Many other opportunities private parties, corporate events,
>Sporting events,weddings ,and trade shows Set yourself apart from your competition.
>Call for more information 1-888-33cigar

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