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Thursday, 28 April 2011

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Every cigar aficionado knows a humidor is an essential bit of kit. Protecting your cigars is crucial when it comes to flavour and freshness. But when it comes to luxury, opulence and style, a rare, hand-made, extravagant humidor is pretty essential too - especially if you’ve got some special stogies to stash. With a variety of super-deluxe humidors created by elite designers and cigar specialists, you won’t want to settle for anything less than superior. We’ve put together a selection of supreme humidors that are sure to be the talk of any cigar smokers table.

Humidor 1: The Indy 500 Centennial

The Indianapolis Speedway - racing capitol of the world - is teaming up with bespoke Canadian designers Vanderburgh to create just 11 of these limited edition humidors. To celebrate 100 years of racing history, the lid of each humidor will be encrusted with a genuine 1909 brick, which was once used on the Brickyard race track. For fans of the Indy 500, this is an extra special twist on a unique, hand-made humidor that any cigar smoker would be proud to own.


Aside from the slice of history embellishing the lid, the humidor is made from black walnut wood and decorated with aluminium strips for a stylish take on go-faster stripes. The interior, which is lined with genuine Spanish cedar, reveals a black granite floor, with the dual purpose of protecting your sticks and looking pretty classy as well. The individually numbered humidors also have a brief history of the Indy etched on the underside of the lid, and can hold over 100 of your favourite sticks. But with the anniversary just round the corner, you’d better put your foot down if you want one!

Humidor 2: The Miniature Luxury Yacht

Ysenburg - specialists in high quality cigar accessories - have crafted a quirky yet elegant humidor named the Ysend’Or. Moored up right in the centre of the glass-roofed lid is a pure-white model yacht surrounded by a sea of black and gold crackled glaze. The deep lid lifts to reveal ... wait a minute... there’s nothing inside! Well actually, there is. This well-designed top-secret humidor has a false roof under which your most precious cigars are expertly hidden. Under this second lid are rows of perfectly-aligned cigars along with a Bond-style cutter and secret key moulded into the base. This fabulous humidor is perfect for any aspiring super sleuth - or just anyone wanting to hide their special cigars from prying eyes!

Humidor 3: Che Warhol

Parisian designer Elie Bleu has a wide range of wonderful creations - most of them worth a mention - but there’s no disputing the pop-art inspired Che humidor has to be on the list. The dyed sycamore box sporting four square Andy Warhol-esque profiles of Che Guevara is a contemporary, colourful humidor that can hold 75 cigars. Definitely a place your Habanos would feel at home, it’s a fresh, vibrant purchase that you’ll definitely want to place on the coffee table alongside a few ‘casually’ arranged cigars.

Humidor 4: Pirates
Okay, so we loved Elie Bleu so much we thought we’d give a mention to yet another of their quirky creations. The Pirates collection is a limited edition range offering two skull-and-swords printed humidors. Made of sycamore, and died using traditional Parisian techniques, the humidors come in black and brown, and hold 110 cigars. Inspired by the symbolism of the pirate world, the two-crossed swords from the legendary Jack Rackham’s Jolly Roger are featured on each box, above a printed scroll with ‘Pirates Treasure’ written on it. According to Elie Bleu, the word pirate means ‘try your luck’ - we think we just might!

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