Tabacalera Fernandez - Simply Amazing
Written by Daniel Lopez

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

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Making our way to the rental house I am simply floored at the decor. This big house just for us? With a lap pool located in the middle of the courtyard of this house and a full kitchen/bar located outside this house was overwealming. We dropped our luggage and made our way to one of the best places I have ever eaten. Kris fed Swanson and I until we could not eat another bite. I learned about below zero beer and tried the best assortments of meats you could ever imagine. A typical dinner at this restaurant last about 2 hours with great conversation amongst freinds. The whole time we ate there was singers at our table performing for us. Next to the table was a talking parrot and we smoked cigars with our favorite drinks. Truely a great way to spend an evening.


Saturday Novemeber 22nd, 2008 8:00am Grenada, Nicaragua

A great breakfast brought to your door by the cafe next to the house was a treat. We made our way out to some of the local shopping areas and I picked up some gifts. Swanson had some buisness to attend to at one of the factories in Grenada so I went along for the ride. After that we went on the hunt for something that would be a one of a kind gift. It seems that Alex "Swanson" wanted to get his buddy a cigar case made out of true aligator. Now this is where Kris's background in leather and goods was going to come in handy. For years before entering the cigar business Kris K sold some of the finest leather and other animal skin products made. We searched high and low in Grenada and with Kris's help found a person who could make the cases and would use the actual hide instead of doing a switch on us. The case holds corona size cigars and has a great look to it. I decided to get one too and it is now one of my favorite pieces of my cigar accesories.

Kris took us on a trek around town and we had alot of fun. Some of the architecture in Grenada is amazing. We visited a local bar that had locals dancing and just having fun. The music was loud on this patio bar but seeing the locals having fun was really cool. We stayed up watching the news and learned that Ortega had been declared the winner of the election even though the ballots were not counted. Amazing....

Sunday Novemeber 23rd, 2008 7:00am Grenada, Nicaragua

Up early to get ready to leave home I enjoyed a couple of the Man O' War cigars that are made by Tabacalera Fernandez. This morning I would catch a blessing. I mean a real blessing. We are eating and I can hear a band coming down the street. I keep listening and notice that it is really close. I grab the camera and head outside the house to see a band going to the front of houses and playing. Kris explains that since it is Sunday the band wheels around a monument of the Virgin Mary and will bless your house. I can use all the blessing possible so I grab some money and wait for them to come. They walk up and start playing and I give them a donation. I felt really good at this point especially since I had such a great trip. We pack up and head to the airport in Managua. At the terminal I thank Kris for all his hospitality and let him know I will try to give the members of Puff an insight on my trip. Swanson and I hit up the Tip Top chicken place at the airport and make our way through customs. I get stopped again because of the big camera and after a bit of conversation I wait for the plane. Another trip and great one at that.

"Life is about the memories you take with you." - Kris Katchaturian of Tabacalera Fernandez


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