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Friday, 23 September 2011

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jc1 Jose Cuervo has launched a brand-new, limited edition batch of their world-famous Tequila de la Familia. Designed by Mexican tattoo artist Dr Lakra, the Cuervo family’s special recipe tequila has been given a colourful, tradition-inspired twist which puts tattoo art firmly at the forefront of 21st century design. Covered in jade-scaled mermaids and blood-red roses, the mythical, handcrafted box is the 16th instalment of a series of annual, limited-edition releases designed by talented Mexican artists. In-keeping with the company’s motto, “ancestry, prestige and tradition”, the boxes help to provide a voice and a canvas for exceptional designers from the tequila company’s own community and culture.

This year, Dr Lakra, whose real name is Jerónimo López Ramírez, caught the eye of the Cuervo family who asked him to design a box to house the contents of their most-prized tequila. Lakra has been creating tattoo illustrations since the early noughties, and has made a name for himself by using tattoo art on a range of mediums other than skin, fulfilling the potential of the medium as a credible genre in the art world. Transcending the subculture of tattooing, Lakra practises his designs on a variety of inanimate surfaces, mixing traditional tattoo art with Mexican graphic art. The pioneering artist has transformed vintage posters, Japanese prints, paper glasses and plastic dolls into bold, colourful tattoo drawings, which have been shown in galleries around the world including London, Berlin and Tokyo, as well as his home country of Mexico.

If you can bring yourself to venture past Lakra’s stunning wooden box, you’ll find an equally spectacular spirit inside. Reserva de la Familia is the crown jewel in the Cuervo family’s tequila selection, and like it’s box, is considered to be a collectible masterpiece by spirit connoisseurs around the world. A family secret for over ten generations, the exclusive Tequila is part of the Cuervo’s private family tradition which dates back to 1795. A secret recipe developed over the years, it was drunk in the family’s private cellar, and only shared with a very select group of friends and family. Relaunched in 1995 to celebrate the 200-year anniversary of the Cuervo brand, the family have been sharing their Reserva de la Familia with the rest of the world ever since, but only in stylish, exuberant, Mexican-inspired wrapping. Every bottle that’s made is handcrafted, numbered and dated, before being sealed with wax.


Domingo Beckmann, Executive Director of Casa Cuervo, said: “Over the past 200 years, the Jose Cuervo family has passed on their strong knowledge in the arts of agriculture, distilling and blending from generation to generation to deliver Reserva de la Familia. Each barrel is personally sampled by a member of the Jose Cuervo family in order to preserve its heritage for the entire world to savour.”
The award-winning tequila is made from 100% pure blue agave which is grown in the rich, volcanic soils of the Cuervo estate, and matured in French and American charred oak barrels. The dark amber liquid has an aroma of oak, almonds, cinnamon, apples and olives, with a touch of vanilla in the taste and a long, silky finish. Here’s a few ways to make the most of Reserva de la Familia...

Jose Cuervo’s Billionaire’s Margarita


•    1oz Reserva de la Familia
•    1/2oz Grand Marnier Cuvee de Centenaire
•    2oz Freshly squeezed lime juice
•    1oz syrup
•    ice
•    lime wedge
•    salt


Mix all the ingredients together using a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Serve in an ‘on-the-rocks’ glass and garnish with a wedge of lime. A sprinkle of salt is optional.


Reserva on the Rocks


•    1.5oz Reserva de la Familia
•    Orange Peel
•    Ice


Pour the tequila over the ice in a short glass. Peel a twist of orange skin and loop it inside the glass.


0 # Schmuck of all tradesVoodoo Rob 2012-11-09 14:01
I have a couple ofo these boxes- MINT condition... anyone want to purchase one?

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