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Wednesday, 02 October 2013

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Cigars can help you solve problems

In the first point it was touched on how cigars allow you to sit back and relax as the world around you appears to move in slow motion.  This is another reason why many like to light up a cigar.  If you find yourself overwhelmed at work or with family issues, smoking a cigar will allow you to settle down and reflect on the issue at hand.  By calming down, you’ll be able to think with reason rather than your emotions, and that’s always the way you should go when solving a problem.  Think of the cigar as your mini-psychologist that helps you work things out.

They’re great for bonding

If you have friends that enjoy cigars, it’s always fun to get together and puff on some good smokes while you dish the dirt over a game of poker, golf, or any other activity.  Even better, however, is how cigars can actually bring you together with complete strangers.

You could be out anywhere, and if a cigar lover sees you smoking, they might just come up to you to ask what you’re puffing on.  This could then lead to an exchange of tips and cigar favorites, and who knows, you just might have found yourself a new smoking buddy.

Cigars blend well with other activities

Mowing the lawn, watching sports, playing poker, you name it.  Cigars go well with almost anything and are good enhancers for a wide variety of activities.

Cigars can reduce your appetite

Having trouble keeping off the bulge?  If you have a huge appetite like me, you can use any help you can get to combat your hunger.  And cigars can help with just that.  Smoking cigars reduce your appetite, which can come in handy from time to time if you’d rather not eat a huge meal.

Those are just some of the benefits derived from smoking cigars.  Obviously there are a ton more, so if you have any personal reasons as to why you enjoy the hobby, feel free to share them with others via’s General Cigar Discussion board.






0 # 2013-10-04 14:29
you forgot to mention that it turns women on... Just sayin brah

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0 # https://www.cubancigarsbest.comJosh K. 2013-12-28 09:17
For some reason I am very excited for the MUWAT Kentucky Fire Cured. My question is, even though it is not infused, there are some flavors that are very unique to this cigar (according to what i've read), will it be necessary to keep it in a separate humidor like infused cigars?

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0 # YEAHJoshua Hurst 2014-05-26 22:49
I agree with splattttttt cigars turn women on if they can stand the smell :lol:

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