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Wednesday, 02 October 2013

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It’s relaxing

This benefit comes first because it seems to be the foremost reason why most people become cigar smokers.  Unlike a stinky cigarette that you light up and smoke for a few minutes, a cigar is like a work of art.  Depending on the size/format, some cigars can last well over an hour.  And what can you do during that time?  Sit back, relax, and just think as you take puff after soothing puff.  To put it simply, enjoying a cigar seems to make the whole world go in slow motion, allowing you to unwind and collect your thoughts after a long day.

An aura of leadership

You know how it’s been said that you must act like a king if you want to be treated like one?  Well smoking a cigar has a “royal” aura to it that will make others around you take notice.  Just think of the last time you were out at a bar or other such establishment and other people were smoking.  When you saw the cigarette smokers, what came to mind?  I’ll help you out: cheap, smelly, pollution.  Those are some things that come to mind, as there’s not many positive adjectives that can be used to describe cigarettes.

On the other hand, think about what you felt if you saw a person smoking a cigar.  Not only did they stand out from the crowd of cigarette-puffing average Joes, but they also probably carried this relaxed look about them.  Like they were a step above.  This comes as no accident, as many leaders of the past have been seen with cigars.  Leaders such as kings, generals, presidents, and prime ministers.  You’ll also notice that many famous “power” personalities can be found in pictures smoking cigars in current times, so it has a way of conveying a subconscious feeling of leadership and power that is rather incomparable.


This goes along with the point above concerning leadership.  It often takes a confident person to stray from the crowd and do something unique, and smoking a cigar is just that.  Especially in a setting where nobody else is smoking one.  A person that lights up a stogie at a party shows that they’re not concerned about the anti-smoking haters or others that might whine about all of that “stinky smoke.”


0 # 2013-10-04 14:29
you forgot to mention that it turns women on... Just sayin brah

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0 # https://www.cubancigarsbest.comJosh K. 2013-12-28 09:17
For some reason I am very excited for the MUWAT Kentucky Fire Cured. My question is, even though it is not infused, there are some flavors that are very unique to this cigar (according to what i've read), will it be necessary to keep it in a separate humidor like infused cigars?

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0 # YEAHJoshua Hurst 2014-05-26 22:49
I agree with splattttttt cigars turn women on if they can stand the smell :lol:

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