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Friday, 24 June 2011

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air1Sky high-virtual golf, shape-changing seats and vitamin-enriched air... could this be the future of air-flight? 

Walls that become transparent, holographic games and virtual shopping; these are all features you’ll find on-board your average passenger jet if plane manufacturer Airbus has anything to do with it.

The aircraft company has released new plans for its latest batch of nature-inspired planes, which are packed with space-age features from shape-changing seats to vitamin-enriched air. Though you might not see the futuristic design in the flesh till 2050, the company’s Concept Cabin looks set to be the flying machine of the future.

Cabin Class a Thing of the Past

In the future, Airbus will be scrapping cabin classes and replacing them with three different zones; a vitalising zone, an interactive zone and a smart technology zone.

They have been quite specific about what we can expect to find in the vitalising zone; an area dedicated to wellbeing and relaxation where you will be able to enjoy aromatherapy and acupressure treatments in a mood-lit cabin, while breathing in the specially formulated antioxidant-rich air.


The interactive zone is designed so there are “no limits to the kind of social scenarios” that can occur here. Positioned in the centre zone of the Concept Cabin, it can accommodate virtual pop-up projections which will transform the cabin into a range of social scenes. They’ve come up with ideas for everything from virtual golf games to holographic changing rooms where shoppers can indulge in virtual retail therapy.

Meanwhile, the smart technology zone is a little more elusive. Airbus has told us it will be “tailored towards the more functional orientated passenger with a chameleon style... to meet the individual needs of each passenger from simple to complete luxury.” So this third zone remains a bit of a mystery, but the main idea is that passengers will be able to continue with life as though they were on the ground, from attending interactive conferences to reading their children a bed-time story.

Inspired By Nature

The aircraft has been designed to mimic the bones of a bird, providing extra strength where it is needed and creating a super-intelligent, heat-sensitive membrane. The cabin walls are effectively the membrane; they can control the air-temperature and they can also become transparent so that passengers get a panoramic view of their surroundings as they soar through the sky.


The Concept Cabin also has an “integrated neural network” inspired by the control-mechanisms in living organisms. This network creates an intelligent surface between the passenger and the plane, which means it can respond to the changing needs of the passenger. Bespoke features can then be constructed, such as morphing seats which change shape in response to the body of the passenger.

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