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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

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Ready to learn more about cigar boxes and their history?  Then keep on reading…

Last week we talked about one of my favorite subjects - cigar history. Specifically, we discussed the history of cigar boxes, covering how they came to be, and some of the laws that dictated their use. In this follow-up piece, as promised, we will look at the actual materials and types of cigar box and cigar box collectibles. So put on your thinking helmet and get ready to get your learn on, Puff style!

I would be remiss if I did not say I researched a ton for this article and borrowed information from better researchers than I. Cigar box history is vast and somewhat complex - there are many different types of boxes, and their importance in history is debatable amongst historians of the topic. In the following paragraphs, I will be highlighting the ones that I think are the most interesting - not necessarily the ones that were the most important.

If you are a historian or amateur hobbyist of cigar box lore, drop us some lines in the comment section - we would love to hear your take, or feel free to start a thread over in our forums.

The Nailed Wood Cigar Box

The Nailed Wood cigar box - also referred to as NW for obvious reasons - is probably the most popular and common of all the cigar boxes ever created. It has been in use for over 200 years and is a pretty simple construct - a few pieces of wood (6 in total), 14 nails, and a hinge. The end.

The most common of these boxes stored 50 cigars, stacked four on top of each other in rows of 13. They could also be found in the 25 size, with the depth being divided by two. Obviously the math does not quite add up - you would end up short two cigars one the 50 box for instance - so box makers would just use a wooden block to make up the space.

The Nailed Wood with Hardware Cigar Box

Abbreviated as NWH, the Nailed Wood with Hardware cigar box are pretty similar to nailed wood boxes, but there are a few differences. For starters, NW cases usually have paper labels that act as trimming and edging. NWH boxes, meanwhile, do not. Instead, the company name is printed on the box itself.

The hinge types on NWH differ from NW boxes too, and some even feature a clasp. These types of boxes ran from around 1880 through 1930.

Assortment Cigar Boxes

This is sort of a catch-all phrase for cigar boxes that hold stogies of varying shapes and sizes of one particular brand of cigar. It first appeared near the end of the 1800s and usually are given as a gift or sampler set.

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