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Sunday, 29 September 2013

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One skill every cigar lover must master is the fine art of cutting. The right cut can allow you to enjoy a fine cigar to the fullest, while a bad cut can totally ruin an expensive smoke. If you’re going to drop some big bucks on your collection of premium cigars, why not learn to cut them the right way? Besides, nothing marks you as a noob like the inability to properly cut a cigar!





There’s more than just one way to cut a cigar, but the ultimate result is an ample opening that will allow you to draw smoke without damaging the cigar. If your cut is too large or too wide, the cigar will fall apart, with the end splitting or the wrapper becoming unraveled. Make a cut that’s too small and the cigar won’t draw.

The ideal place to cut a cigar is right above the cap line, the spot just before where the curved end of the cigar begins to straighten out. This is usually approximately one-sixteenth of an inch from the head of the cigar.

The Cuts and the Cutters

There are several types of cutters available, and all of them have their fans. Most smokers test drive a few before settling on a favorite or two.

Do not even consider trying to save money by using your teeth as a cutter. Unless you’re one of Dracula’s relatives, your teeth aren’t nearly sharp enough to professionally cut a cigar. Not only will you ruin the cigar, you’ll also wind up with a mouthful of wet tobacco. Unless you’re stranded on a desert island with your last cigar and no cutter, do not even consider this. And forget about using a kitchen knife, because it’s likely to be carrying residues that will ruin the flavor of your cigar.


For this task, you need a fine tool, and choosing the perfect cigar cutter takes a bit of work. Cigar cutters come in three main categories, and all of them have their fans.

The Guillotine

The most popular type of cutter is called the guillotine, and it’s the easiest to master for most newbies. The guillotine cutter comes in single- or double-bladed models and delivers a clean, even cut with a well-sized opening.

In order to cut your cigar with a single-bladed guillotine, place the stick on the far side of the opening and as far as possible from the blade. The trick to using a guillotine cutter is to slash the blade through the cigar quickly, so that the head can be removed with one swift stroke. Use firm, consistent pressure. Do not saw back and forth, because this is guaranteed to damage the cigar.


If you’re having trouble getting that clean, sharp cut with a single-bladed guillotine, maybe you should try a double-bladed model. The advantage of the double-bladed guillotine is that it cuts from both sides simultaneously, giving a clean, smooth cut with less risk of damaging the cigar. Be sure the cigar is placed close to one of the blades before starting the cut.

But what about cigar scissors.  Are they a good method for cutting your cigar?  Keep reading because we've got more tips and advice for various methods of cutting your cigars.

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