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Sunday, 29 September 2013

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Cigar Scissors

There are advantages and disadvantages to using cigar scissors. When used properly, they can deliver the cleanest cuts possible, but cigar scissors can be tricky to use. The secret to picking the right cigar scissors lies in finding the pair that feels best in your hand. This means you must handle any pair prior to buying them, testing them for weight, balance and size. If a pair feels clumsy in your hand and you have trouble using them, move on to another. Although cigar scissors look very classy and elegant, they’re prone to growing dull with use and must be sharpened and calibrated regularly.


While the straight cut is the most widely used by cigar smokers, there are other ways to prepare a cigar for lighting. The pierce or punch cut consists of a small, simple hole punched into the end of the cigar. Some smokers prefer this cut because it keeps the head firm, but others are put off by the sharp bite that occurs when the jet of concentrated smoke hits the tongue.

The three types of cigar punch are the bullet punch, Havana punch and multi punch. The bullet punch twists to reveal a circular blade used to cut into the head of the cigar. This punch is often carried on a keychain. If you’re prone to cutting your fingers with exposed blade of the bullet punch, a safer alternative is the Havana punch, which cuts with a recessed tip. This tip also pulls out the tobacco plug after the cut. The multi-punch is a good choice if you smoke several sizes of cigars, because it offers multiple cut sizes.


To use a cigar punch, push the blade into the cap, then rotate carefully to fully cut a clean hole. Remove the blade and the cut section should come out.

The Wedge Cut

Another choice is the wedge cut, which cuts deeper into the head of the cigar to give the smoker a bigger draw. This must be done carefully, because if the draw is too big the cigar will smoke too hot. The wedge or V-cut is best suited to smaller ring gauge cigars, because this cut exposes more surface area. The wedge cut requires a v-cutter, as well as the skill to avoid cutting off too much of the cigar’s head and causing it to come unwrapped.

To make a wedge cut, hold the cutter in your dominant hand and the cigar in the other. Insert the cigar into the cutter’s indentation, being careful not to go too deep. Squeeze the two ends of the cutter together while pushing the cigar.

It may take a bit of trial-and-error to settle on the perfect cutter and learn how to use it, but once you master the art of cigar cutting, you’ll never again ruin a premium cigar!


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