Written by James Payne

Friday, 13 February 2009

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lit  In this series of articles, I will cover some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to cigars. Whether these be questions from new smokers, or those from aging gorillas, I’ll attempt to answer as many as I can. Have a question about etiquette? Want to know which liquor goes best with your cigar? Wondering what that white powder on your cigar is? Read on to find the answer.


Before you start reading any further, I would like to mention the format of this article. I will do a rotation of a beginner question, followed by a question from a more seasoned smoker. I’ll continue this patter throughout this entire series.


We’ll start off with an important question that can stop a new smoker dead in their tracks – if they are lucky. If not, they can go for quite some time without knowing the answer to this surprisingly important question – How do you light your cigar?


It is deceptively complicated and yet oddly simple. The objective is to light your cigar so that the end is lit as evenly as possible. Getting into which tools to use is too much info for hear (and I already wrote an article on that anyway), but no matter what you use, you will want to make sure that very little (if any) of the actual flame touches your cigar. Light your flame, be it matches or butane lighter and wait for two seconds. This will give the initial chemicals time to burn off, ensuring that they do not add to the taste of your cigar (cigars love to absorb other flavors, even bad ones). Now hold the flame roughly two inches from your cigar and drag slowly on your cigar. Each time you puff, rotate the cigar a quarter of the way around. After the forth puff or so, examine the lit end; if it is not evenly lit, try blowing on the section that is not, and it should resolve itself.


Next, take a couple puffs on the cigar, then set it aside for a minute or two. You will notice some ash building up…this is what you want. The ash should be even among your cigar. You may now pick it up and enjoy, safe in the knowledge that your cigar should burn evenly.


 Question: How do I know if my cigar has mold?


0 # James Payne 2009-02-09 14:41
Welcome to the first article in a series dubbed, The Puff Cigar FAQ, where I try to answer questions from newbies and old gorillas alike. If you have any questions you would like answered, please drop me a line and I'll do my best to cover it in an upcoming article. Also, please feel free to present your own solutions to these questions. Thanks!

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0 # Chip 2009-02-18 21:31
Does dry puffing (puffing a cigar for 30-60 minutes before lighting) suck the flavor out?

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