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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

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glossaryWelcome back to another exciting installment of the Puff Cigar FAQ, where I try to answer questions for the newbie and professional cigar smoker alike. This is the third article in a series that will follow the basic format of a beginner question, followed by a veteran question. Have a question you want answered? Maybe you can find it inside.


Our first question is for the newer smoker, but I suppose a few of the older gorillas may be interested as well. I’ve been asked by a number of people how to blow smoke rings, and I guess it is not as easy as it seems. So, without further ado, let’s delve into this one.


Question: How do I blow a smoke ring?


Answer: For starters, try doing it inside first. Make sure wherever you are there is not a lot of wind, such as from a ceiling fan or a/c vent (or an open window). Next, get a cigar that has some heavy smoke (don’t set off your smoke detector). Next, form your mouth in the shape of an “O”, being careful not to pucker your lips. Pull your tongue all the way back and curl the tip down.


The next part is the tricky part. Do not exhale the smoke, but instead gently (and I do mean gently) push your tongue (and the smoke) out of your mouth in quick bursts.


It might take a while to get it right, but remember if you exhale the smoke, you will break it apart. The trick is to push it out, forcing it to take on the “O” shape of your mouth.


Question: How Do I test my hygrometer to make sure it is properly working?


Answer: There are several methods to do this. The first is to buy another hygrometer or borrow one from a friend and see if they both have the same readings. Really though, the preferred method is far cheaper and easier. Take a shot-glass and put some salt in it, making a little sand dune. Next, pour a tiny bit of water in, just a couple of drops, until the salt has the consistency of damp sand. If it looks like mud, you added far too much. Now place the shot-glass and your hygrometer in a Tupperware container, and tightly seal it.


Leave the Tupperware container alone for about seven hours or so. Look at the hygrometer in the Tupperware (do not open it first). The humidity inside the Tupperware will at this point be 75%. Your hygrometer, if reading properly will show this same amount. If not, you will need to adjust it. For instance, if your hygrometer shows 60%, then you know it is off by 15%.


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