The Puff Glossary January Edition Part Two
Written by James Payne

Monday, 25 January 2010

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tobacco faqstobacco terms and definitions

Heath – Heath trees are where briar burls are gathered from. Those briar burls are then, in turn, used to make briar pipes.

Heel – An easy way to remember this one is to think of your shoe. The heel is the bottom part. In pipe terms, the heel is the bottom of the pipe bowl (on the interior).

Latakia – A type of tobacco grown in Syria and Cyprus. It is fire cured over fires using special woods and herbs, giving it a unique, spicy flavor.

Lovat – A type of Billiard pipe named after a famous Scotsman.

Lucite – A hard type of plastic used to make pipe stems. 

Meerschaum – A type of material used to create pipes. Meerschaum is a mineral (hydrated magnesium silicate to be precise) and is easy to shape. It is known for providing a cool smoke.

Mix – This is similar to “blend” in cigar-speak. The mix is a “blend” of several types of tobacco used to achieve a given taste.

Mouthpiece – Also known as the bit. The mouthpiece consists of the draft hole, lip, and tenon.

Oriental – Also known as Turkish, Oriental is a type of tobacco used in English blends. As the name suggests, it is grown in Mediterranean and ranges in color from a light yellow to brown. It is known for its sweet flavor and nutty aftertaste.

Perique – This peppery tobacco is used in Virginian blends and is known to pack a punch. As is normal in spicy tobacco, it comes in dark colors.

Pipe – If you do not know what this is, you probably haven’t made it this far into the article.

Pipe Rack – Similar to a gun rack, except you do not mount it in your truck and you don’t store guns in it.

Pipe Reamer – This nifty tool lets you wittle down and smooth out the cake that builds up in the bowl of the pipe.

Plug – This is a type of tobacco cut. Tobacco cakes are cut into “plug” shapes that let the user cut them as he sees fit.

Poker – A pipe that is known for its round bowl and stem, with no noticeable bending.

Prince – Designed for Prince Albert (the one that can’t seem to escape that can…), this pipe has a short, round bowl and a stem that bends close to the mouthpiece.

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