The Puff Guide to Coolerdors
Written by James Payne

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

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Making Sure the Cooler Works for You

Even though that title is a play on words, you really do have to ensure that the cooler will meet your needs. Those needs, by the way, should not only include storage, but looks (I know…how good looking can it really be?) and function.

When you find your cooler, you will want to check that it is well constructed, that it will work in your space, that the hinges work well and there is no looseness to the unit. Make sure the lid seals very tight by opening and closing it, and letting it slam shut on its own.

And while you are at it, put your face inside the cooler and take a deep breath. Do you smell anything? If so, how strong is the smell? Does it smell brand new? If so, move on. That new cooler smell will infect your cigars and add to their flavor; not a good scenario unless you are Stretch Armstrong.

Mind you, if there is a slight smell, that is okay; we’ll go over how to get rid of that in a moment.

Another consideration for the innards of the device is space. Does it seem like it will hold enough of your cigars? Are there liners inside where you could easily build your own shelving units or add dividers?

Once everything meets your exacting demands, your only consideration is price. Does it fit within your budget? If so, then you my friend, just took the first step in designing your coolerdor.

Taking Your Cooler Out of the Box

Once your cooler is home, make sure it fits neatly into the spot you intend to have it call home. Ensure there is room for you to maneuver it easily, and that the lid opens all the way. Once this is done, your next step will be to remove that new-cooler-smell.

The easiest method to do this is to take the cooler outside and pour about a fourth of a cup of bleach (unscented of course) into the cooler. Fill it to the top with water (the temperature does not matter) and let it sit overnight.

After it has set all night, dump the water out and leave it in the yard for a few hours to dry in the sun. Your next step will be to take a half to a whole box of baking soda (depending on how large your cooler is) and put it in a bowl or Tupperware container (lid off) and let it rest inside your cooler. Leave it overnight again.

Once the morning comes, remove the baking soda and take a deep inhale. If there is still a noticeable smell, try the process again. If it is only slight, you can try using just the baking soda for another day.


0 # Drop a damn sponge in the vox?orca17 2009-06-25 04:13
I assume you meant damp sponge.

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0 # oopsJon Caputo 2009-06-25 16:39
fixed the typo - sorry!
thanks for catching it!

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0 # cigar addict!charron63 2011-07-01 02:47
Utz pretzel jars work wonders when your humidor crashes due to an unexpected fabrication flaw, it saved over 1K$ worth of my Gurkha Collection when I first got into Hand Made Cigars! ANd they work great with the Puck style humidifiers.

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