The Puff Humidor FAQ
Written by James Payne

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

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Question: What is the maximum amount of time I should store a cigar in my humidor?

Answer: As far as I know, there is no maximum amount of time (provided of course that your humidor is working and your humidity levels are balanced properly). The more a cigar ages, the more it mellows out, and the better the cigar gets. I’ve never had a cigar in my humidor for a very long time (never more than two years I don’t think), but from all I have ever read or heard, there is no time limit.

The recommended minimum time I would recommend is about three months.

Question: What about my flavored cigars? Will they lose flavor after being in the humidor for too long?

Answer: Considering that all cigars are technically flavored, the short answer is no. Cigars with flavors added to them will mellow just as normal cigars do, but the flavor should never fade so much that you no longer taste it.

Question: Should I mix cigars in my humidor?

Answer: There are differing schools of thought on this one. Technically when you store unwrapped and untubed cigars in your humidor the cigars should go through a process known as marrying, whereby the flavors of the cigars blend together. If all of the cigars are the same brand, then it is supposed to make them all taste the same, giving their flavor a good consistency (manufacturers use the marrying process to ensure each box is consistent).

When you mix cigars of different types together, they are supposed to take on each other’s tastes, changing the way they originally were meant to be. The degree to which this occurs is open to debate; some say it is definitely true, while others say that it is for the most part unrecognizable.

The part about which there is no debate is with flavored cigars. These you should never mix in with your cigars, because they will definitely change the flavors.

Question: Where should I place my humidifier?

Answer: The most common place is underneath the lid. This is because of the way the moisture travels from the humidifier, which, due to its way, is downward. I tend to place mine right in the center of the lid.

Question: My humidifier keeps coming undone from the Velcro holding it to the lid. What can I do to fix this?

Answer: I prefer to use a magnet strip. Not only does it ensure the Velcro never gets old or worn out, but it also makes it easier to remove the humidifier.


0 # RE: The Puff Humidor FAQBill the cat 2011-08-17 17:43
Can a humidor be clean if you find it has mold in it ? if so how? Thanks for the help, Bill

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