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Thursday, 07 April 2011

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Cigar smokers know just how worthwhile it can be to invest in an enjoyable experience; a luxurious sensation; a moment of pleasure. Splashing the cash in order to experience something new is often a much better investment than a car, a television, or the latest piece of technology.

Buying an experience is an opportunity to live out your fantasies and turn your dreams into reality. It’s about getting the most out of life and enjoying what you’ve earned rather than merely looking at it - what would be the point of a cigar if you put it on the mantelpiece and didn’t smoke it? If you want to spend your cash on something you’ll remember for years, there are loads of experiences you can invest your money in. From fantasy-filled weekends to adrenaline-loaded events, there are plenty of ways to turn your money into memories...

Defying Gravity


Want to fly like Superman? Float like an astronaut? Defying the basic laws of gravity is something many of us have dreamed of - and with the chance to experience absolute weightlessness inside everything from a decked-out Russian cargo plane to a converted Boeing 727, it’s a dream that can definitely come true. Using a series of special manoeuvres, pilots can recreate the zero gravity effect inside a soft, padded plane to offer the most realistic Buzz-Aldrin experience this side of the stratosphere.  Many zero gravity specialists also offer the chance to experience varying degrees of weightlessness to simulate conditions on Mars and the moon. Plus, bonefide astronaughts are often on hand to help you prepare you for your first ever space mission. Zero gravity may be one small step for mankind, but it’s a giant leap in the ultimate experiences stakes.

Spy Camp

High-speed driving, combat pistol shooting and covert operations - the life of a top-secret spy is closer than you think. With training from the world’s toughest special agents, including members of the Green Berets and Delta Force pistol instructors, you can learn actual techniques used by real government spies. The secrets of the world’s deadliest agents are at your fingertips; James Bond would have, quite literally, killed for this kind of training. Over three days you get the chance to embark on your own Mission Impossible in which you’ll be taught how to ram through barricades, run vehicles off the road and execute precision high-speed bootlegger turns. You’ll also be trained to use real SAS pistol techniques and the deadliest self defence moves - but be sure to know your explosives from your booby-traps! Putting your new secret-agent skills to the test you’ll face the ultimate challenge when someone from the camp is kidnapped - and it’s down to you to plan the hostage rescue operation!

Tank Driving


Do you dream of being the fifth member of the A-team? Fancy yourself as an Indiana Jones or a Rambo figure? Whatever your combat fantasy, you and a bunch of mates can live out your favourite tank scenes at sites across America, where you can gear up for a military style operation  involving 12 comrades, three tank driving scenarios and a whole load of adrenaline. It’s a day of gun-firing, machine-driving and bloody battles that would make B.A. Baracus proud. Bound to get the blood pumping, it’s the ultimate way to put your metal to the test and pit your strategic skills against your mates. Did I say mates? I meant enemies, sir!

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