The Ultimate Cigar Glossary: Part One
Written by James Payne

Sunday, 22 February 2009

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Belicoso:  There are two types of Belicoso: The JR is a shorter, pyramid shaped cigar ranging from 5 to 5 ½ inches in length. The head of the cigar tends to be short and tapered, and has a ring gauge of between 46 and 50. The regular Belicoso is six inches (sometimes longer) and sports a ring gauge of around 50, and likewise, has the same tapered head.

Binder: One of the three components that make up a cigar, the binder is a tough tobacco leaf that is used to hold the filler in place. Not to be confused with the wrapper.

Blending: The process of mixing tobaccos from different countries to achieve a desired flavor and strength. Cuba is the only country that does not blend from other countries, but instead uses regions within its own country to achieve the same effect.

Bloom: During the aging process, oils rise to the surface of the cigar, leaving behind a white powder. Also called plume, this powder does not harm the cigar and is easily brushed aside. If the powder has a blue tint, then it is mold.

Blowing a Cloud: Term popularized during the Elizabethan era that means to smoke a cigar or pipe.

Blue Mold: A bane of manufacturers, blue mold is a fungus of the airborne variety, capable of destroying entire crops within a very short period of time. Scientifically known as Peronospora tabacina, the fungus thrives in cooler temperatures and does well in light moisture.  


0 # James Payne 2009-02-09 14:35
Welcome to the first part in my series, The Ultimate Cigar Glossary. This first series cover the digits through the letter B. If you think I skipped a few, let me know and I will be glad to add them! Thanks for reading!

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0 # A Common MistakeRon 2009-02-27 12:07
Under the term "Blending" James made this statement: "... Cuba is the only country that does not blend from other countries, but instead uses regions within its own country to achieve the same effect." Not true. The country of Brazil - specifically its state of Bahia - has, since the 1700's, been consistently producing handrolled puros. No part imported from without the nation. There are currently about 30 Bahian cigar companies that produce products that rival those of Cuba, in quality and smoking experience, at a fraction of the cost and all legal to smoke in the USA.

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