Written by Kevin Godbee

Friday, 11 December 2009

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tobacco legislation

Here in the United States when we think about tighter controls on cigars from Cuba, we always seem to think in terms of the embargo and the controls that American has put in place to stop people bringing in cigars from Cuba. But this time it’s Cuba that’s cracking down on the export of cigars.


Don’t panic if you’re not in the United States - Cuba isn’t about to stop exporting cigars to your country. And you shouldn’t panic if you’re here in the United States either - Cuba isn’t about to stop you from taking cigars out of the country if you’ve been able to head there for holidays.

It’s just where you get the cigars from and how many cigars you’re trying to take out of the country that Cuba wants to control more strongly.

In Cuba there are two markets for cigar production and sales. There are the officially sanctioned factories that are subject to government control and where prices are fixed. When you go on holidays to Cuba you’re permitted to buy from the licensed factories but you will pay quite an inflated price for whatever you buy.


0 # Ji Kim 2009-12-10 14:44
I don't know of any informed cigar smoker that would feel compelled to purchase black market cigars in Cuba. If you spend enough time in the Puff forums, you'll learn quickly that these 'black market' I'll refer to as fake from this point forward lack in quality of construction and tobacco. Simply you're not getting the same quality cigars produced in the factories.

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0 # ihup 2009-12-12 04:20
I am very surprised by this article, where it is giving the reader the impression that you can get the same cigar on the black market as you can in official stores (La Casa Del, Habanos), for a fraction of the price. I have been to Cuba and seen, bought and smoked both. Yes, the black market cigars are a fraction of the price, and in some cases, very hard to see the difference in their appearance. But as soon as you smoke the black market cigar, you know, (if you ever smoked the authentic Cuban's), that this is garbage. Yes, the tobacco is grown on the same island, but the processes involving curing, fermenting and aging, are not followed for the tobacco destined for the black market. I tell my friends, who are not smokers, when comparing the authentic Cuban cigars to those from the black market, is like comparing a fine French or Italian wine, to a wine that is made from concentrated grape juice and water.

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